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Get More Sales With
Abandoned Cart Campaigns
Send pre-built, automated messages to all cart abandoners. Turn lost sales into 5x more revenue.

Abandoned Cart Emails

A pre-built, 3 email automated campaign fires immediately after a cart is abandoned. With 5X more emails captured, you send 5X more email, and recapture 5X the revenue.

Abandoned Cart Push Notifications

Recart doesn’t just rely on email. With our Abandoned Cart Push Campaigns, you can send push notifications to user’s computers and phones to achieve an average 23% CTR!

Abandoned Cart Text Messages

An automated, pre-built, double SMS send that achieves an average 98% open rate. Recapture more lost revenue by targeting users on the device they use the most.

Email Editor

An email editor with full customization. Add your logo, use your brand’s colors, and retain your voice. With Recart’s email editor you can create high converting, brand specific, unique discount coupon or free shipping codes in minutes.

Push Editor

Customize the message, styling, and delivery of push messages to easily reap the benefits of a marketing channel that has an open rate 2X higher than email.

SMS Text Editor

SMS messaging achieves an incredible 98% open rate. It’s tipped to become the powerhouse of ecommerce. Recart lets you take full advantage of your SMS campaign with a detailed SMS text editor to help shape your campaign.
Tackling ecommerce’s Biggest Problem - Cart Abandonment
of all carts are abandoned
$4.6 trillion
lost on cart abandonment in 2015
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Pre-built Campaigns & Schedule

We’ve poured our 5 years of experience of growing multiple seven-figure ecommerce stores into our pre-built campaigns. We’re giving you access to the schedules and texts that receive an average 48% open rate and 12% CTR. Emails which generated over $13,000,000 in revenue in 2016 alone.

Track & Trigger Technology

You have 60 minutes to re-engage most cart abandoners or risk losing them forever. 60 minutes, not 24 hours as most advise. Recart’s unique Track and Trigger technology tracks the cart abandonment real-time and sends the first message as soon as 10 minutes after losing a visitor to ensure the highest engagement.

Smart-Stop Emails

Most abandonment solutions annoy buyers with incorrectly sent abandonment emails. Unlike other solutions, Recart comes with Auto-Stop Sending which double checks every recipient immediately before sending. If we see they’ve made a purchase, then the message is stopped automatically.

Cart Abandoner Frequency Limit

Fed up of discount hunters lowering revenue by continually abandoning their carts? With Recart you can set how frequently you send abandonment campaigns. A 30-day limit means your abandoners won’t receive two abandonment discounts within a 30 day period preventing you from bombarding legitimate user’s carts and cutting out discount hunters.

Cross-Device Cart Rebuilding

Modern users use various devices in their purchase journey making it difficult to properly track their purchase journey. Recart solves the problem with Cross-Device Cart Rebuilding. We’ll pick up where they left off so even if they jump from mobile to desktop to tablet, you offer them the product they want to buy.

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