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Stats You’ve Never Seen Before
Abandonment Analytics
Recart’s real-time Dashboard shows you how much money you’re losing through cart abandonment. But it also shows you how to reduce lost revenue. It tracks all important metrics to help you understand where you’re losing visitors and what you can do to solve it. It will become your most important analytics dashboard ever.

All Abandoned Carts. One-by-One.

Recart’s the only app that gives you individual information. You can see each abandoned cart and the detailed cart data. Shopify only shows your checkout abandoners and WooCommerce doesn’t show you anything by default. We give you all the tools you need to understand how to make more money.

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Abandonment Email Analytics

See your emails rolling out real-time with Abandonment Email Analytics. You can send unlimited abandoned cart emails in every Recart plan. Instead of focusing on how many emails you send, you can focus on how they perform.

Advanced Charts

Our advanced charts give you a deeper level of understanding. You can track how much money Recart has made you, how many emails it took to make that cash, and even break it down by date to understand which season/day is your most profitable.

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