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Personalized texts out perform bulk sends. See how you can utilize them with our interactive tool … in just a few clicks!
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How Does It Work?

Recart’s AI transforms a single campaign goal into multiple texts …

  • With targeted copy + creative
  • Automatically segmented to match lifecycle
  • Delivered when each subscriber is most likely to purchase

All based on brand guidelines, custom personas, and your subscribers’ past behavior — including the time of day they click + buy.

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Once You Go Inside, All It Takes Is Three Steps

1. As fast as an idea. As easy as copy and paste.

Start with a simple campaign goal.

Nothing more than an event plus an offer.

With a brand-specific identity powering your AI, just mix and match the tones of voice.

Then click: Generate.

2. Endless inspiration meets fully branded variety.

Strict rules ensure your campaigns are perfected — from words and style to character count and emoji.

Pick your favorite text. Tweak it. Or put it straight into action …

Saving you time and energy either way.

3. Unlock the promise of personalization at scale.

Here’s where the real AI magic kicks in. And love comes to life.

Automatically create personalized messages to match your most-profitable segments. Customize by …

Product preferences
Purchase & cart behavior
Subscription + VIP status and more
AI SMS - Personalized Audiences & Custom Segments
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