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Capture Emails With
Add to Cart Popup
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Build a bigger, more engaged, and more profitable email list with the same popup. Recart offers an innovative, exclusive Add to Cart Popup to abandoners to re-engage and capture emails from more of your customers.
Cart Abandonment is Merchant’s Biggest Headache
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Add to Cart Popup Editor

Simple, powerful, effective. Customize your popup from templates that have driven more than $23,000,000 in revenue. When your users add an item to cart Recart immediately asks them to add their email address. You can choose to prevent users from proceeding without submitting their email, or allow them to checkout as a guest.

Magic Popup Control

Recart’s Email Capture works across your entire site and tracks each user. If an email address is entered on a welcome popup or newsletter signup, subsequent popups don’t show and don’t disrupt their purchase journey.

List Export

Recart’s Export function syncs with any email software so you can build your list and send ongoing newsletters to drive even more sales.

Popup Analytics

Understand your Add to Cart’s Popup conversion rate in real time. A simple, powerful tool that allows you to test and optimize for the best popup possible.

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