Messenger Marketing Case Study
Learn how BulkSupplements 10X Their List Growth & Drove $500k+ New Revenue On Autopilot
Nine years ago, Kevin Baronwsky came up with the idea for in his own garage. Fast forward to today, they have become an established name in the health and wellness space, supplying over 500 pure nutritional supplement ingredients to hundreds of thousands of consumers and manufacturers. They are constantly looking for innovative ways to grow their business, improve customer experience, and build meaningful relationships with shoppers that will last a lifetime.

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How they personalized the subscription experience to meet today's shoppers' ideal customer journey
How they perfected a mobile-first buying experience that turned every 3rd scroller into Klaviyo subscriber
How they monetize their lists & achieving an average 20X ROAS on promotions
How they utilize web-push notifications to capture the browsers reluctant to give their emails
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Get insights into how to turn every 3rd scroller into a Klaviyo subscriber
Ads are great at driving traffic to the store, but many of us struggle to find the formula for actually converting these shoppers. Learn how BulkSupplements turned low-intent scrollers into Klaviyo subscribers to grow your email list faster and to make the most of your incoming traffic.
Learn how to monetize your lists & get 20X ROAS on one-off promos
Figuring out how to motivate visitors to buy something from you while keeping skyrocketing advertising costs on a low level is as challenging as launching a new store. See how they constantly achieve a 20X ROAS on one-off promotions to make the most of your ad spent.
See their tactics that earned them $500,000 on autopilot 💸
Having high-converting campaigns in our pocket is great, but growing revenue on autopilot is even better. Learn how they used welcome series & web push automations that earn them $165,000 monthly revenue on autopilot.
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