How BulkSupplements 10X Their List Growth & Drove 500k+ New Revenue On Autopilot
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Nine years ago, Kevin Baronwsky came up with the idea for in his own garage. Fast forward to today, the company has become an established name in the health and wellness space, supplying over 500 pure nutritional supplement ingredients to hundreds of thousands of consumers and manufacturers. They not only take their consumers' health seriously but their business too. What makes this Shopify Plus brand stand out is its culture of experimentation. They are constantly looking for innovative ways to grow their business, improve customer experience, and build meaningful relationships with shoppers that will last a lifetime.


BulkSupplements wanted to explore a mobile-first marketing strategy that would help them reach consumers on their preferred channel and grow their Klaviyo audience as well.

Additionally, their Facebook and Instagram ads were great at driving traffic to their store, but they struggled to find the formula for actually converting these shoppers. Thus, converting these shoppers into buyers became crucial for the brand.

Although the goal may be obvious, the means to achieve it are usually not so straight-forward. People are often reluctant to give their phone numbers or email addresses in the first stages of the customer journey. So first, BulkSupplements partnered with Recart - a leading mobile marketing platform that provides a two-tap technology popup with dozens of top e-commerce integrations available - to kick their mobile subscription strategy into high gear.


Recart understood BulkSupplements was new to Messenger marketing and—based on previous experience—uncertain about the value it could provide. Recart launched BulkSupplements'  new Messenger marketing program - including copy and design for the mobile popup, one-time promotions, and much more —in only a few days.

To turn mobile traffic into Klaviyo subscribers, Recart's Success Managers enabled Recart’s two-tap Welcome Popup and the Klaviyo integration, and set up an Automated Welcome Flow, offering up to a 15% off discount in exchange for email addresses. Now scrollers could sign-up with just two-taps on their phone, making the subscription experience frictionless.

And, since these welcome messages go directly into the visitors' Messenger inbox (vs. promotional folders) and let the brand send personalized, two-way, conversational messages, there was no doubt that people would see these messages and engage with them.

“In fact, for me, Klaviyo is just an email capture. Having this kind of ability to talk to your customers instead of an email circle is one of the biggest advantages. When people sign-up, you hit them with this sign-up message, and even if they know how much the percentage is or who you are, they always have additional questions they want to know: “Do you have this product? Is there a better discount? I’m having issues with this”. Klaviyo just popups like “Join the VIP and Get 10% OFF. Give us your email”. That’s nice, but what if they had additional questions? 20 years ago, if you had these questions, you called the company. In today's world people say "oh look there's a little text here that I can shoot them to ask my question." With technology nowadays, people expect to get answers quickly. Recart gives you that ability to have real-time conversations with these consumers instead of simply collecting contact information from them.”

The two-tap technology made it easy for BulkSupplements to expand both their Messenger and email subscriber lists simultaneously, turning 27% of scrollers into Klaviyo subscribers. Being armed with the ability to talk directly to shoppers helped them build long-lasting relationships they otherwise couldn't achieve.

Moving Forward

After seeing the results that BulkSupplements was able to achieve with Recart’s Welcome Popup, there was no question that this was the right time to move forward with monetizing their lists with Sponsored Messages. These messages are some of the most effective promotions since they strongly engage customers, and help brands monetize their lists with an average of a 10-50x ROAS.

“One of the main reasons I love Recart is how easy it is to use, especially for Sponsored Messages, which take only 5-10 minutes to set up in 4-5 total clicks. And the ROAS is always there so I don’t have to worry about tweaking and configuring anything after launching the message. Recart is the easiest platform I have to work with on a weekly basis”

Fast forward to today, Bulk Supplements also utilizes the browser-based web push technology to convert store visitors into subscribers without requiring them to provide personal information such as email or phone number. Becoming a web push subscriber only requires one click on the native browser prompt. This subscriber base is then used to send abandoned cart recovery (8.2% CTR) or browse abandonment (6% CTR) flows as well as broadcast campaigns that reach 1000s of subscribers on their device screen with flash sales or new blog content.


BulkSupplements’ strategy for the ecommerce store has always been about strategically moving low-intent browsers from social ads and brand traffic into the purchasing funnel to become first-time buyers and eventually brand evangelists. BulkSupplements has been able to outmaneuver the highly competitive online supplement market by their innovative use of modern retention channels, such as Recart's messenger marketing and PushOwl's web push marketing. These two tactics successfully enhance traditional email marketing.

Using Recart
20,000 email (!) subscribers collected
27% visitor to email subscriber conversion rate
$400,000 new revenue generated from Recart's Welcome Flow
90%+ open rate on promotions and welcome flows
avg. 20X ROAS on Sponsored Messages
Using PushOwl
$100,000+ monthly revenue with web push marketing
80,000+ web push subscriber gained
Average 7.7% click rate on triggered web push notifications
BulkSupplements offers Pure Bulk Supplements, Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Herbal Extracts, Sweeteners and Protein Powders. Pure bulk powders.
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