How Bulksupplements generated 44x ROI in 4 months with text marketing
SMS subscribers
within 4 months
from SMS
SMS campaign of sales paid a full year of Recart
Learn how the health and wellness brand leverages two mobile channels with one app to communicate with their mobile shoppers in a direct and personalized way, without getting their message lost in the volume of noise on digital channels.
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The challenge
Finding a way to engage mobile shoppers with direct and personalized communication on channels they are the most active on; without having to set up campaigns on multiple apps to have better control over mobile marketing campaigns.
The solution
Based on the geo location of the audience, we broke the subscription strategy into two parts - using SMS popup for the US audience and the Messenger for the rest of the world.
Set up automations on both the channels to enable timely as well as contextual engagement of subscribers, as they progress in their journey with the brand.
Ran complementing, timely and salesy campaigns on SMS and used Messenger for higher engagement and building long-term relationships.
Continual optimization of SMS and Messenger campaigns with the help of a dedicated customer success manager who provided guidance at every step (from collecting subscribers through popups to converting them based on Recart insights)
“The growth is strong as we get around 300 new subscribers a day. We are in such a transition period right now as we hired someone to oversee the growth of these channels and think that the growth will be even stronger after they have a chance to review our current setup and messages”
Jim Denlinger, Digital Marketing Strategist
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