Join Recart as a Product Analyst

We help brands to reach their customers where they are: on their phones.

Recart is an omnichannel text marketing platform for e-commerce that helps Shopify brands automate customer outreach via text messages. We power marketing teams to build automated messaging flows on Facebook Messenger and SMS.

With the rising ad, product, and shipping costs all over the world, communicating directly and effectively with customers became more important than ever in ecommerce.

Recart text marketing for ecommerce

Our product is designed for today's marketers in mind:

  • Top-performing opt-in tools ensure that brands convert at least 10% of their visitors into Messenger/SMS subscribers,
  • Sophisticated automated flows ensure that customers receive the right messages at the right time in their customer journey,
  • Segmented promotional campaigns that allow merchants to promote their products in an interesting way and avoid spam.

Brands drive 15-19% of their total revenue from text marketing - when their strategy is set up correctly. Text marketing is extremely efficient thanks to the high (almost 100%) open rates: an average text promotion is almost 10x more efficient compared to a promotional email campaign. As people spend more and more time on their phones, text marketing becomes a new norm of marketing communication.

Our mission is to grow e-commerce merchants with text marketing programs and allow them to connect with their customers on any chat channels they prefer: SMS, Messenger, Whatsapp, RCS, iMessage

A brief history of the company

We've been around since 2016 and today, we already help 13k+ active Shopify merchants to grow with marketing messages that have 98% open rates. Recart is a US company founded by Hungarian marketers. Therefore, the product development team is in Budapest where the engineering talent pool is great and wages give us a competitive advantage.

In 2017, we delivered the world's first marketing e-commerce marketing automation on Facebook Messenger and from 0 to 10k active users 100% organically. However, we became popular at the long tail of Shopify (low-value, high-churn brands, like dropshippers) therefore, our organic growth wasn't sustainable.

In early 2019, we decided to change that and attack the mid and upmarket of Shopify. In order to do that, we needed money to rebuild the product for bigger clients and to start building out our US operations. The same year, we raised $2.6m to do just that.

Our upmarket movement started delivering results in 2020, we increased our ARPU by 300%. In July 2021, we started feeling confident about the product and the growth, so decided to raise our next round. We closed $3.5m this time to further support our upmarket movement, this time with sales & marketing involved.

Why are we looking for a Product Analyst?

This is a new opening in the intersection of product and data. As a Product Analyst, you'll be responsible for conducting analysis on product usage and providing insights to equip the product and customer success teams alongside our CTO and Growth Data Engineer with all the data and technical tools they need to succeed, delivering a massive impact on our revenue growth and retention. You’ll collaborate closely with our product managers, marketers, engineers, and customer success to bring your insights into real change for our customers and help drive our mission!

Who are we looking for?

We're looking for an individual with solid business and basic coding skills. If you love the business side of things (e.g. sales, marketing, success, strategy) and want to drive data-driven and innovative growth decisions at a fast-growing startup - please read on.

First of all, you must be an exceptional learner. This position requires growth mindset - you must learn extremely fast, be open to feedback and implement changes to your processes.

You already have some business (e.g. sales, marketing, or product management) experience, you understand what makes a business purchase from another business (B2B). You love using data for your decisions and eliminating the guesswork as much as possible. You automate what you can to eliminate repetitive tasks in your life.

What you'll do
  • Helping our product and customer success teams to define, collect and use data in many shapes and forms
  • Moving hundreds of millions of data points between the systems our teams use
  • Managing ongoing initiatives to improve the ease of moving data and data integrity
  • Giving feedback and sharing ideas to help us shape our data infrastructure
  • Helping us to create a great reporting framework, tool and dashboard wide
  • Helping our engineering teams to understand better data needs and dependencies from product and customer success teams
  • You will have a direct impact on our product decisions by supporting prioritization, hypothesis testing, creating and managing stats and reports
  • Our tech stack: AWS, Postgres, Zapier, Hubspot, Intercom, Phantombuster, Hunter, Hightouch, Airbyte, Woodpecker, Looker, Vitally; we use Zapier, custom APIs, Airbyte and Segment to connect them to each other
About you
  • You have a background working in similar product-driven roles and 3+ years of experience in analytics
  • You’re familiar with SQL (we use Postgres)
  • You’re familiar with scripting languages (we use Javascript mostly, but we also choose Python when it’s appropriate)
  • You’re familiar ETL, ELT, reverse ETL concepts
  • You have experience with data visualization tools (Looker, PowerBI, Tableau etc.)
  • Proactive self-starter with the ability to be hands-on and can analyze, interpret and derive insights into business reports, analytic models, and data sources
  • Sharp technical troubleshooting and ability to collaborate with business teams
  • You have at least some experience in building streamlined automation, scripts, and scrapers and architecting solutions that help business teams simplify, automate, and grow - with the ability to work across the entire stack

Huge plus if you

  • Have any experience with or willingness to learn the following technologies:  NodeJS with Javascript / Typescript, Python, AWS and distributed systems
  • Worked with any of these technologies: Amplitude, Apify, Builtwith, Dropcontact, Dux-Soup, HubSpot,, Intercom, Pardot, Drift, Marketo, Integromat, Lemlist, N8N,,, Segment, Woodpecker, Zapier, or similar.
  • You heard about Modern Data Stack and API economy and how these shape today’s data landscape
What we offer
  • Competitive salary
  • Equity in the company - we don't just encourage ownership, we make you a true owner with well-above-the-average stock options.
  • Benefits (vary by location)
  • Unlimited vacation policy and flexible working hours - a good work-life balance goes a long way.
  • We'll provide your gear: Macbook Pro + monitor + high-quality headphones
  • A hard-working and dedicated team that is fun to work with.
Our Values
  • Transparency: High-level of transparency is crucial for a high-performing, motivated team. Besides, everyone at Recart holds equity, and you can only be a true owner if you know what you own, so all relevant decisions, information, and processes are accessible to everyone.
  • Community: Our strong community and egoless culture is the main reason we love to work at Recart. We’re not just coworkers but friends, striving for common professional goals. We support each other through struggles and obstacles and we celebrate successes together.
  • Ownership: We believe that great performance requires ownership and we all bring our best to work. While it does come with responsibility and accountability, the result will always have a high impact. We trust you: you get the freedom to own your field and max out your expertise.