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Bella All Natural Grew SMS Revenue 264% YoY, Then Migrated Its Second Brand

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Bella All Natural Wellness Store

From selling at flea markets with her mother to being featured on Forbes and cracking number 72 on INC 500 fastest growing company in America — Daisy Cabral has turned Bella All Natural into an empire.

Founded in 2014, the brand spans the offline-to-online divide: Three physical locations in the US, one in Mexico, an ecommerce site, and a mobile application.

Daisy Cabral
Founder & CEO, Bella All Natural
“We offer natural supplements that are made of the highest quality, and our products are specialized to help women of any type lose weight.”

“Our mission is to get rid of the taboo of taking a diet pill. Instead, we make it into something that’s enjoyable for the family by drinking lemonade or a nice coffee.”

The brand itself boasts over half a million social media followers — to say nothing of Daisy’s own influencer-level fan base. She doesn’t do half-measures.

When the SMS platform she signed up with showed poor results, she knew something had to change.

About Bella All Natural

Quick Moves + An Unexpected Frequency Gold Mine

With its busy summer season weeks away and an average-at-best experience with SMS, the brand switched to Recart in Q2 of 2021.

Daisy Cabral
Founder & CEO, Bella All Natural
“Recart always comes through for me, even when I’m sporadic with my communications. The way we work together is great, and I appreciate it.”

Bella All Natural knew its engaged audience should be generating sales via text. Why? Its products are consumable and therefore need to be replenished frequently. Even more important, its loyal customers appreciate updates, discounts, and specials.

What was the problem? Bella’s team simply didn’t have time to micromanage an SMS strategy.

It needed testing, refining, and implementation fast.

SMS Trifecta: Popups, Automations & Campaigns

The Recart team quickly uncovered just how receptive Bella’s audience was. They actually love receiving texts.

To capitalize on this, the plan unfolded through three interlocking tactics:

Let’s dive into these solutions.

1. Custom Popups

Although the brand arrived at Recart with a substantial SMS list …

It grew from 49k to 80k by the end of 2022. A total of 31k new subscribers with a 3.27% opt-in rate.
Bella All Natural SMS List Growth

This increase was achieved through a mobile-first approach. Running mobile popups almost exclusively and taking advantage of two-tap opt-in.

Additionally, Bella All Natural’s vibrant brand and beautiful products make for visually stimulating design. Paired with a discount, they found the recipe for subscriber success.

Two Tap Mobile SMS Subsciber Opt-InWebsite Email and SMS Subsciber Opt-In

These subscribers are highly engaged and quickly convert into paying customers via the Welcome Flow, triggered immediately after opt-in.

2. Savvy Automated Flows

The Welcome Flow

Greeting your new subscribers sets the tone for future communication. It should also convert them into customers.

SMS Five Message Welcome Flow

Bella All Natural’s Welcome Flow is a stellar example of both principles. The five-text flow provides useful information, a 10% discount throughout, and frequent conditional checks.

These conditions ensure subscribers who have purchased within the last 30 days or have an item in the cart are immediately excluded.

Saving costs and minimizing the risk of spam.

Bella’s Welcome Flows are responsible for 33% of its SMS-generated revenue.
SMS Welcome Flow Message OneSMS Welcome Flow Message Two
The Abandoned Cart

You’ve got to act fast with abandoned cart messages.

Bella’s flow is a simple yet impactful one. It contains just one text with a 10% discount and gets a healthy CTR of 16%.

Why does a single message flow get such great results? Besides for the automation taking care of the “perfect timing” part, the copy is conversational and personal.

The message is written as if from Daisy herself, offering support plus a discount. Due to the two-way nature of SMS, customers really can reply to Daisy to get help right away.

Bela all Natural Abandoned Cart SMS Flow

3. High-Volume, High-Frequency Campaigns

Bella All Natural’s revenue split between campaigns and automations is a thing of envy. The brand shows an average of 45% and 55% respectively.

Usually, automated messages are responsible for 60-70% of SMS revenue.

Bella All Natural SMS Campaigns Vs Text Automations

Due to this high volume of campaigns, Bella’s Customer Success Manager was able to test and refine the messages quickly — identifying which content performs best as well as the deals that generate the most revenue.

Greg Wiedermann
Customer Success Manager, Recart
”Together, Recart and Bella All Natural have refined their campaign strategy and identified the hardest-hitting offers. With the support of extensive automated flow, these discoveries have rapidly accelerated the brand’s growth.”

Over the last year, the campaigns honed in on a dozen different specials that include a handful of standouts.

Three big winner campaigns …

The Free Gift

Who doesn’t love an entirely free product? We know Bella’s audience are big fans.

In this case, the first campaign was sent to the full list and achieved 7.5X ROI. The follow-up was then sent to everyone who had clicked but didn’t purchase through the first.

It blew the results out of the water with a click-through rate (CTR) of 24% and 132X ROI.

Bonus lesson: Use follow-up campaigns!

Free Gift SMS CampaignFree Gift Follow Up SMS Campaign
The Site-Wide Discount

25% off + free shipping. Yes, please. This almost-full-list send yielded interesting results. Among the top 10 campaigns ever sent (based on ROI), this text saw a lower CTR of 1.4% but generated 55X ROI and a whopping $54K in sales.

SMS Campaign with 25% Off Discount
The Category Sale

Category sale campaigns can be sent to your full list or to a segmented audience if you’ve split your customers by preference. In this case, Bella’s full subscriber list was sent a dollar-off discount — resulting in 56X ROI.

SMS Sale Campaign with Discount
Daisy Cabral
Founder & CEO, Bella All Natural
”My Success Manager, Greg, is always to the rescue. He never misses a message or opportunity. It’s really cool because I’m a night owl and the timing works for us. I never feel like I’m intruding if I send a text. I know Greg will get it. He’s quick.”

Consistent Results + High-Impact Outliers

Bella All Natural is one of Recart’s top-performing brands. But what stands out is the phenomenal 264% growth when comparing Q2-Q4 across 2021 and 2022.

What was responsible for this increase?

For starters, a very engaged customer base. Layer on a big focus on subscriber growth coupled with high-campaign frequency as well as continual testing of both campaigns and automated flows … you’ve got the perfect “hustler’s” formula.

Thanks to these tactics, Bella All Natural achieved:

Bella All Natural SMS SubscribersBella All Natural SMS Revenue

Introducing Teami Blends

The success doesn’t end there.

In November 2022, due to the SMS success of Bella All Natural, Daisy migrated the newly acquired Teami Blends to Recart.

The brand offers plant-based, high-quality, loose-leaf tea solutions that incorporate herbs and natural ingredients to help alleviate health issues.

During just two months of Q4 2022, Teami achieved over $130k in SMS-attributed sales.

Daisy Cabral
Founder & CEO, Bella All Natural
“The Customer Success Managers are the reason I stick with Recart. I enjoy the personalized attention and being able to reach out anytime via text or Whatsapp. I like being able to ask for reports and feedback and you have it all ready for me.”

“I would never look for another tool because Recart gives me great service — I feel like they’re part of my team.”

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