SMS Generated 49x ROI in Just 3 Months for E-commerce Brand, Her Juice Bar

New SMS subscribers
Revenue from SMS
49x ROI
with a single campaign
Improve your ROI and grow your SMS subscriber base just like wellness brand, Her Juice Bar. This successful Shopify store grew its subscriber base by 11K and increased its revenue by $330K in just 3 months using Recart SMS for its Shopify store audience.

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The Challenge
Her Juice Bar faced a 4 level problem:

1. Find a complementary solution to their already existing email strategy. 
2. Convert shoppers to subscribers.
3. Successfully engage those subscribers.
4. Boost revenue and ROI.
The Solution
Recart has a multi-faceted solution for a communication channel that solves all 4 challenges: SMS marketing.
Subscriber collection: This is easily solved with a high-converting, multi-step website popup that collected both email subscribers and SMS leads which resulted in a whopping 11000+ new subscribers.
SMS welcome flow: Automated welcome flows have delayed reminders to keep new subscribers interested and engaged. These led to $217,594 USD in revenue.
Automated abandoned cart flows: Set up to encourage those who didn’t complete their check out to return to purchase, saving Her Juice Bar hours of work.
Once-off campaigns: Multiple short but powerful once-off campaigns with attractive discounts were also utilized and resulted in 49x ROI.
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