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Get insights into how BlendJet got 316.000 Messenger subscribers
Just like with email, you need to ask for permission to message customers on Facebook Messenger. Unlike with email, the subscription is frictionless, one-click experience. Learn the ins and outs of BlendJet's subscription strategy.
See the exact cart abandonment tactics that made BlendJet $400.000
The #1 headache of ecommerce is cart abandonment. 78% of all carts are never purchased. Learn how to solve this for your own brand with Abandoned Cart Messenger Reminders.
Learn how BlendJet built strong social proof
Product reviews build social proof and credibility. When people trust you, your sales will increase. Get inspired by how Recart can help you collect more photo reviews from your happiest customers.
BlendJet CEO: “Recart is a unique solution”
“They just don’t have the open rate that Recart has and they don’t  have the same kind of engagement and response rate. People get a  lot of emails – they ignore emails. But it’s hard to ignore a Facebook Message.”
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Recart generated
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