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Looking for an addition to your SMS marketing? Get our free, personalized Messenger marketing setup for your store.
Your customers are on Facebook Messenger
Customers spend most of their time on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. Enhance your Postscript SMS marketing strategy with Messenger marketing. Capture a lot more phone numbers, build your lists faster, and send Messenger campaigns with almost 100% open rates.

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Double your conversion rates with one-tap subscriptions
Recart automatically adds quick replies that include customers' phone numbers. This no-type phone number capture has 2-300% higher conversation rates for mobile visitors than any other traditional popups.
Grow your Postscript lists 20X faster and cheaper
Recart Messenger ads convert 95% of your ad clicks into Messenger + SMS subscriptions. Compared to the average 3-5% form capture conversion rates, this is a 20x cheaper and faster way to grow your SMS subscriber list!
Subscribers aren't just phone numbers anymore
Recart doesn't just capture phone numbers. It also enriches the customer profile with personal data from Facebook. When you capture phone numbers with Recart, you can send personalized SMS marketing campaigns based on gender, country, or language.
Reach out through chat or schedule a 1:1 session with our team to learn more about Recart.
How do I apply?
Just fill out the form and our Customer Success or Growth Managers will be in touch shortly.
How does it work?
We want to help you grow with Messenger marketing. To set you up for success, using best practices we see at thousands of brands, we'll do the setup and the onboarding with you.
What are the requirements?
You have to be in one of Recart's paid plans. Based on what makes the most sense to you, you can be in the Small Business plan (starts at $29) or the Scale Plan (starts at $499).
How much does Recart cost?
We have two main plans. Our Small Business plan helps emerging merchants to pay their monthly fee based on the extra sales Recart generates for them. Our Scale Plan helps $100k/mo+ merchants elevate their marketing and add 10-15% extra revenue to their bottom line. See pricing here
Not sure if I want this right now. Where can I learn more?
No problem! You can check our case studies to learn more. If you want to do this later, please sign up and reply to our email with the date you want us to check back with you.
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