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$1.5m extra revenue via Messenger

Anybody who has a good brand and a good ecommerce store, there is no better option, there is nothing out there that does what Recart does. So if you’re not using this to win back customers who are coming to your site and leaving, then you’re leaving an enormous amount of revenue on the table. I don’t really see a way that someone would implement Recart and then not see positive ROI.

Ryan Pamplin

CEO @ Blendjet

Increased revenue by $300k in 3 months

It is honestly a secret weapon - it is a tool we recommend to all of our clients at Mindful Marketing as well as we use it with all of our businesses because we really believe in it that much.

Jordan West

Mindful Marketing

130,000+ businesses can't be wrong
More than 130,000 ecommerce merchants have already installed Recart. We're one of the most popular and trusted ecommerce apps in the world. 5,000+ positive reviews on the Shopify App Store can speak for themselves.
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