Daniel Baltazhar
February 22, 2022

14 Real-life SMS Marketing Examples from 2022’s Innovative eCommerce Brands

Your SMS marketing campaigns have the potential to not just inform customers about ongoing and upcoming deals, but also keep them engaged throughout their buying journey. From the time they subscribe to your SMS list to the point of first purchase and the engagements that follow, your approach to SMS marketing can make or break the deal!

In this lesson, we have collected some great SMS marketing examples to inspire your campaigns.

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Get inspired: 14 SMS marketing campaigns from leading eCommerce brands

Owing to the benefits of SMS marketing and the results it has delivered for businesses, brands of all sizes have started to leverage the channel to reach their customers. But there are some campaigns that went above and beyond to not just promote, but deliver an experience through their text marketing campaigns.  

If you want to take a look at SMS marketing campaign examples and actual results from them, read these success stories.

But if you’re just exploring, here’s taking a look at different campaigns from leading eCommerce brands!

1. Ziavia’s opt-in message

A popular jewelry retail company, Ziavia gets the very first of the SMS marketing best practices right. To ensure the customer has opted in knowingly and to confirm consent, they send over an opt-in message that also includes a discount code.

SMS opt in message

2. Black Bread Co's welcome message

An opt-in message is usually followed by a welcome message that  confirms a customer’s subscription to the list. Black Bread Co, the first ever Black owned sliced bread company in the world, gets their welcome right by offering a discount to show the value the subscriber can expect to receive from the get go!

SMS Welcome message

3. PrettyBizNez’s promotional message

PrettyBizNez, a specialized skincare brand, ran this promotional Easter sale. Their message is the perfect example of including key aspects of the promotion such as discount percentage and code, while still keeping it simple and with a light-hearted Easter theme.

Promotional Easter SMS campaign

4. VANITYTABLE's occasional/ tactical campaigns

An online Korean beauty brand store, VANITYTABLE, makes sure they don’t miss a tactical day that’s important to their customers. Their SMS campaign is a good example of one that combines the function of a promotion, the tactical theme (in this case Valentine's Day), as well as a reminder for their customers to shop using a great discount.

Promotional Valentine's Day SMS campaign

5. 9Five’s new arrival promotions

9Five, a luxury eyewear and accessory store, makes sure that they get their new arrivals noticed. They use SMS marketing campaigns to bring the customer's attention to their new collection, linking them to the right page along with a discount to encourage a purchase.

New product lease SMS text message

6. Sleepwrld’s loyal customer campaign

Sleepwrld use their SMS marketing campaigns to stay on top of their customer’s minds. They use a segmented approach to reach out to existing customers with exclusive discounts to boost retention with VIP member campaigns. Although simple, this kind of VIP, time-based offer encourages quick action and drives sales.

VIP discount SMS campaign

7. MacRae Naturals’ update message

MacRae Naturals, a wellness jewlery brand, has a great SMS marketing example of how the channel can be used for company information as well as running promotions. They use text messages to get important updates that might impact a customer’s buying experience; it’s a great way to ensure the information is received by everyone.

SMS company update alert

8. Design Dua’s abandoned cart recovery message

Design Dua is an online store that sells handmade newborn necessities and decor. Since they have a very specific niche of customers, they ensure following up with cart abandoners using timely SMS alerts. They also add a reminder to the message that warns customers that stock sells out quickly and add a discount code to further encourage prompt purchases.

Abandon cart automated SMS

9. Riot Swim’s post-purchase follow-up

Riot Swim send out a great post-purchase follow up SMS. They send out a text message after order delivery and request feedback on the shopping experience. This is a great way to capture consumer insights at the right moment and improve your customer experience!

SMS campaign product review

10. Accio Box’s SMS subscription reminder

Accio Box offers original subscription boxes inspired by the Potterverse and uses SMS marketing to send out reminders around reorders and renewals. In this case, they send a reminder, as well as add an incentive for an exclusive waitlist.

Subscription box reminder SMS

11. Serums & Masks’ time-sensitive SMS promotion

SMS campaigns are great for running promotions. But did you know that due to their direct nature and high open rates, they’re also the best channel to use when running time-sensitive deals like the FLASH SALE? Here’s how Serums & Masks uses SMS marketing to get their time-sensitive deals noticed, giving their customers an opportunity to grab the deals!

Time sensitive flash sale text message campaign

12. The Jawned Collection's celebratory SMS campaign

Another way to boost customer engagement is to use SMS campaigns to include your customers in your celebrations and achievements. The Jawned Collection, a black woman owned collection of handmade blanket designs and fast fashion pieces, uses SMS marketing for exactly that. Take a look at how they celebrate 50k followers with a fantastic 50% off, time-sensitive, discount.

Celebratory SMS marketing message

13. Bedrock Bakers' SMS recommendation message

Another way to boost customer engagement and get new customers is through referrals. Bedrock Bakers use SMS marketing to offer discounts when their customers recommend their business. They even use a unique link that customers can send on to their friends.

Friend referral SMS campaign

14. EVOLUTION SPORTS excellence’s event invitation

If you’re running specific campaigns and promotions offline, don’t forget to add them to your SMS promotions too. Here's a good SMS marketing example of an informative event invite to a birthday celebration. In this case, they cleverly used the MMS image to add additional information.

Event invitation via SMS

There are a number of other eCommerce businesses that are using SMS marketing as of today. Statistics have found that as many as 39% of businesses across the globe are already using SMS communication in one way or another to stay in touch with their customers.

So we’ll be refreshing this list of SMS marketing examples frequently with the best campaigns we come across. Don’t forget to bookmark this URL!

If you’re looking for ready-to-use templates for your SMS marketing campaigns, we have curated plenty for you here: SMS marketing templates.

Ready to run an SMS marketing campaign?

As you can see from the SMS marketing examples above, text messages can be used in a number of ways across a buyer’s journey.

Be it a new subscriber or a customer who has purchased from you previously, there are a number of ways in which leading brands are using SMS marketing to keep consumers engaged.  

In fact, some brands like Vanity Table, have generated over $166k USD worth of sales through SMS marketing in just three months (read the success story here).

So if you’re still skeptical about running a text marketing campaign, talk to us! We can help.

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eCommerce SMS marketing example FAQs
What are the most common SMS marketing campaigns?

SMS marketing campaigns can be used in a number of ways. But the most common use cases of text marketing include welcome messages, abandoned cart recovery reminders and running promotional campaigns to promote ongoing/ upcoming deals, discounts and offers. We recommend exploring all the possible use cases to consistently engage your SMS subscribers.

What does SMS marketing look like?

SMS marketing campaigns appear as regular text messages to your subscribers. They get delivered and displayed in the same way as a normal text message from a friend or family member would. The only difference is that the number that appears in the inbox is branded or as per the service you’re making use of to run SMS marketing campaigns.

How can I write SMS for marketing and promotional purposes?

The best way to write a good SMS for marketing and promotional purposes is to first define the goal of your message. Post which, you should identify what will help you achieve that goal and how you can get a customer to act on the campaign. This typically includes looking into what value proposition you want to promote and providing a clear call-to-action towards the end. Remember, a good SMS campaign is one that keeps the message simple, clear and actionable.

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