SMS Resulted in $166k in 2 Months for Shopify Store, VANITY TABLE

New SMS subscribers gained
Revenue from SMS in just 2 months
Welcome message CTR
Discover how this beauty and lifestyle brand increased its revenue by $166k in just two months by engaging with their repeat customers.

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The Challenge
Most of the Vanity Table audience purchases through the brand’s mobile app, but due to the ever-changing regulations from Facebook, Google, iOS, and Android, sending push notifications to app users became limited.

The brand needed to find a solution to target its mobile-first audience and go beyond app users.
The Solution
Subscriber collection: 29k subscribed using a mobile-responsive Recart website popup for a mobile-first audience.
SMS welcome flow: Advanced automation flows that incentivized users to download and use the mobile app achieved a 42.7% click-through rate.
Once-off campaigns: Regular one-off SMS campaigns were used to reach even the most inactive subscribers, overall resulting in $166k Revenue from SMS in just 2 months.
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