Welcome Flow Case Study
Learn how a POD store made $161,000 extra revenue with a single Messenger Flow
This custom art store was founded in Germany in 2018. The dream of the young founder was to give more fun to people by letting them take a photo of their loved family members, pets or a landscape they like, then order a canvas with the right instructions on how to create a painting out of the photo. By today, the brand has thousands of happy customers from 50+ countries.
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How to move from single channel to omnichannel - and how to use Messenger and email together to skyrocket your revenue
How to increase click-through rates from 8% to 54%
How to double the revenue per subscriber using Messenger and email together
How to grow 3x faster than any of your competitors
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Learn how to triple your opt-in rate with one-tap subscription
Popups, subscription forms, and other opt-in tools are essentials, but none of them are as effective as Recart's Welcome Popup. Learn how it makes your subscription experience frictionless and gives you a 3X higher conversion rate for mobile visitors than any other traditional email popup.
See how to get 68,000 subscribers for 3 platforms
With a regular email popup, you can capture desktop visitors and subscribe them. With Recart's mobile-optimized, one-tap Welcome Popup, you can subscribe them to all of your preferred channels, at the same time.
See tactics that double the revenue per subscriber
Increasing open and click-through rates can be as challenging as launching a new store. Get inspired by how they doubled open rate, achieved 7x higher click-through rates, and doubled revenue per subscriber rate.
Eugen Schulz
Messenger and email flows work great together, generating substantial revenue for my business every month.

“I’m proud of Recart and the Budai Media team to achieve such success in such a short period of time. They set up our Messenger flows and integrated with our Klaviyo email marketing account very quickly. They changed the previous email popups to a Messenger popup and increased the revenue per subscriber dramatically. Messenger and email flows work great together and they continue generating substantial revenue for my business every month. I’m looking forward to seeing what Recart and Budai Media come up next.”
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