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Overpaying for your Shopify SMS platform and don’t trust the “results”? You’re not alone.

Welcome to the only text-marketing app with efficiency at its core.

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If you don’t have an intellectually honest partner, how do you optimize? With Recart SMS, we found that partner. Real growth, not fake growth.
Ryan Pamplin
Co-founder & CEO, Blendjet

How You’ll Make More Money While Reducing SMS Costs

We’ve engineered efficiency with 5 features no other text platform offers …

1. Send During Each Customer’s Peak Buying Window

While other SMS tools are adopting AI to fuel what you send, we’ve moved beyond copy + creative. On top of personalized offers, only Recart lets you time your campaigns based on a customer’s past purchase behavior.

Deliver your texts when each subscriber is most likely to open, click, and convert.

2. Automate Clicked-But-Didn’t-Purchase Reminders

One-and-done campaigns devour profitability. More volume equals more revenue. But it also equals more costs.

That’s why Recart automates campaign follow-ups for people who clicked your last text but didn’t buy or add to cart.

Hyper-targeted remarketing for fewer sends, lower costs, and more sales.

3. Link Subscribers to the Same Page They Signed Up On

Direct-to-text popups accelerate list growth. But they also create friction. New contacts are forced to navigate from your welcome text to your homepage … back to the product (PDP) they opted in through.

Make it easy to convert with “Restore Links.”

Dynamic URLs that let shoppers pick up where they left off — a Recart exclusive.

4. See Campaign Costs Before Sending & Automation Spend

You shouldn’t have to wonder what a text is going to cost, guess at spend versus revenue, or translate “credits” into dollars.

Transparent costs let you budget with ease.

Plus, click-only attribution — between 1–7 days — makes performance just as honest and transparent.

SMS Campaign Costs Before Sending

5. Run Holdout Testing to Validate SMS’s Incremental Lift

It’s a laborious process to isolate your channels: SMS, email, direct mail, etc. And then isolate each one’s impact on your bottomline.

But we do it because — as you scale — you need to know the real, incremental value of SMS.

Discover which channels are driving net-new sales to allocate your budget where it matters most.

Promotional SMS Campaigns Examples for Ecommerce
No Payments & Zero Effort

Ready to Spend Less & Sell More Through SMS?

Schedule a 30-minute demo to experience the difference for yourself. No strings attached.

Find out just how quickly we can drive incremental revenue, acquire more new customers, and increase your retention.

Then, let us prove it … while you test Recart for free.

We Do Things Different But for Good Reason

Everything (Else) You Need to Capture, Convert & Retain

Including Fully-Managed Service at No Extra Charge

Get a dedicated SMS expert beyond reactive support. Their job? To grow your business through SMS … so you don’t have to.

Comprehensive automation build-outs
Split testing copy, creative, CTAs & timing
Onsite & offsite subscription growth
Monthly strategy sessions + reporting
Campaign creation from your marketing calendar


Integration & Segmentation for Personalized SMS Messages
It feels like I’m not alone. My success manager is like another employee, a partner. He does it all and it’s one less thing on my plate.
Quinn Reitz
Owner + Founder, Nursing Queen

Accelerated List Growth With Feature-Rich Tools

The faster you grow your subscribers, the faster you’ll see results. Recart customers typically 2X their conversion rates for both email and SMS. How?

Custom popups for mobile vs desktop
Direct-to-text or one-tap email + SMS
Landing pages for text-message exclusives
Off-site tools to expand opportunities
Hardwired compliance from top to bottom

SMS Automations to Put Revenue on Autopilot

Profile or behavior-triggered flows engage shoppers at every stage of the funnel — motivating them to spend more while fostering loyalty and strong relationships.

Welcome sequence with “Restore” links
Abandoned cart + browse recovery
Personalized receipts & order fulfillment
Direct CS & subscription integrations
Post-purchase or time-delay replenishment

Promotional Campaigns that Shoppers Love

Delight subscribers with tactical messages. Send them yourself or let us develop your marketing calendar into text-specific campaigns. All you have to do is approve.

Holiday campaigns
Seasonal & event promotions
Loyalty, membership, or VIP rewards
Product drops, releases & new launches
Promotional SMS Campaigns Examples for Ecommerce

Transparent Costs & Honest Performance

From saving costs with clean subscriber lists to click-only attribution + no-fluff analytics … measure what matters.

Efficiency focused analytics
Honest revenue attribution
Real-time performance dashboard
List cleaning & list ownership
Integration & Segmentation for Personalized SMS Messages

Done-For-You Migration & Fully Managed Free Trial

Whether you’re replatforming or new to SMS — we’ve got you covered.

Our full-service management starts before you pay.

Save up to $15,000 with an all-inclusive migration or $2,500 by letting us launch your text-marketing program from start to finish.

SMS Migration Bundle
Looking for better results from your text marketing? Get more, for less.
Your dedicated customer success manager, backed by a team of experts, will …
Import contacts & recreate segments
Clean your list of unreachable numbers
Rebuild all of your automated flows
Migrate shortcode from provider
Set-up custom integrations & APIs
Strategize and create your campaigns
Provide $10k in SMS & MMS credits
SMS Starter Pack
New to SMS? Save thousands in set up, management + free texts.
Your dedicated customer success manager will …
Strategize & plan your launch
Set up your account & integrations
Design custom pop-ups
Build welcome & abandon flows
Create + send weekly campaigns
Give you free SMS/MMS messages throughout the trial
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We needed a solution to automate signups, get results from the welcome series, and offer personalized support. Recart has way exceeded its ROI promise.
Jon Gilmartin
Director of Ecommerce, Gel Blaster
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