Discover 5 reasons why Recart will make your SMS more profitable
Learn more
Discover 5 reasons why Recart will make your SMS more profitable
Learn more
Discover 5 reasons why Recart will make your SMS more profitable
Learn more

One-Off Texts That DTC Customers Love

Drive more revenue with targeted SMS promotions — every week or even every day.

ROI across all
of revenue for
top brands
more effective than
email marketing

Unleash Texts That Sell in Just a Few Clicks

Choose from scores of pre-built campaigns in our SMS library — proven templates, ready and waiting for you to send:

Major holidays
International events
Seasonal changes
Cultural celebrations
Just-for-fun announcements

You can even select specific industries — like an “End of Summer Sale” for fashion, nutrition, jewelry, or cosmetics.

Or don’t. Because we’ll do it for you…

SMS Marketing Holiday Promotion Templates
We Do SMS Differently

Fully Managed Customer Success

With Recart, you get more than tested templates and an easy-to-use builder. You also get a Customer Success Manager committed to one thing: Your growth.

Alongside a team of SMS experts, we’ll implement and guarantee at least an 8X return across your entire SMS strategy:

Full onboarding or migration
Onsite pop-ups for SMS & email
Five automated workflows (minimum)
Weekly or daily campaign sends
Reporting, check-ins & optimization
 Customer Success Managers for SMS Campaigns
No Payments & Zero Effort

From Demo to Selling in Less Than 48 Hours

Find out how Recart can add incremental revenue, acquire new customers, and increase your reorders + retention.

Schedule a 30-minute demo. If we’re the right fit, we’ll set up everything during your trial — from pop-ups to automations to regular campaigns — all without charging you.

Inspiration & Execution Brought Together

Want proactive SMS suggestions, creation, and sending?

We’ve got you! All your Customer Success Manager needs are the offers you want to run and your brand’s creative guidelines. They’ll take it from there by bringing you approval-ready campaigns on a weekly or even daily basis.

How about custom sends to support your marketing calendar? We build + launch requested campaigns in 48 hours or less.

That’s what fully managed service means.

Creative SMS Marketing Campaigns
Holiday Campaigns

Create campaigns and sales around the big holiday periods like Easter, Fourth of July, and Black Friday. Don’t forget smaller “national” days like, Pizza Day, International Pet Day.

Sales & Promotions

Create special offers based on product availability, end-of-range items, popular categories, or other themes that suit your business goals and that your customers will love.

Launches or New Products

Celebrate new product lines, new colors, or just about anything new with your audience. These campaigns are a great way to build hype and get your customers excited about shopping.

Cultural Moments

Pick moments your customers care about — from trends to news, pop culture to pets. Sending interesting and relevant SMS campaigns will improve your engagement and more importantly make your customers feel considered.

Loyalty & VIP clubs

These clubs are great for retention and are a good way to segment your shoppers and offer unique and special deals or early access to sales. Plus, they create a feeling of exclusivity.

“We are sure that Recart SMS strengthens our marketing campaigns to be more effective and integrated. Plus, the Recart team is super supportive and always open to new ideas. We are happy to work with Recart.”

Utilize MMS Campaigns for Richer Experiences

Why stop at words? Include “rich” media like photos, videos, and GIFs to engage your audience.

Trigger product recall, dazzle with new releases, touch the emotions, or simply give subscribers something to laugh about and brighten their day.

Combined with timely incentives, you won’t merely sell more… you’ll build loyal and lasting customer relationships.

Text Message Promotions with MMS

Real-Time Analytics & Historical Performance

Analyze your campaign easily to track the metrics that matter.

Identify your best offers, most engaging messages, and your top click + revenue-driving calls-to-action. Then, replicate the winners from SMS to email to paid advertising.

SMS Marketing Analytics

Make Every Visitor Worth More to Your Business

Explore the revenue-generating opportunities of SMS marketing for your Shopify store in 30 minutes.

See just how quickly we can create and manage a strategy that will grow your subscriber list, drive new customers, and improve retention.