5 Mobile Commerce Trends That Will Dominate 2021 [webinar invite]
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Want to grow your store? Learn how BlendJet generated 6,000 product reviews, got 544,000 Messenger subscribers and see their abandonment tactics that made BlendJet hit $1,500,000 extra revenue.
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Want to reach your audience more effectively and create buzz around your products? Learn how Ryderwear got 2,910 Messenger subscribers, doubled the value of their lead capture efforts at half the cost and generated $6.7k immediate revenue from 930$ ad spend.
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Blush and Bar
Supercharge your store with the Welcome Popup. Learn how Blush and Bar got 11,000 Messenger subscribers, collected 9,000 email addresses, generated 15% conversion rate and $39,000 extra revenue in a single month.
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Budai Media
Want to take your acquisition strategy to the next level? Learn how a POD store got 68,000 brand new subscribers, doubled the revenue per subscriber, and generated 161,000 extra revenue from a single welcome flow.
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