Discover 5 reasons why Recart will make your SMS more profitable
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Discover 5 reasons why Recart will make your SMS more profitable
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Discover 5 reasons why Recart will make your SMS more profitable
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Case Study

SMS Resulted in $166k in 2 Months for Shopify Store, VANITY TABLE

VANITY TABLE offers the finest beauty products from Korea to a global customer base. It provides a wide range of nail products, cosmetics, skincare, body care, and beyond. 

The brand boasts over 200k social media followers and are well known for DIY manicures with press-on nails. Its products have been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Beauty Crew, and more.
SMS subscribers
revenue from SMS
Welcome message CTR

The Challenge

VANITY TABLE gets the majority of its online purchases through its mobile application. 

While the app was very successful, recent updates from Apple and Google meant it could no longer target all past buyers with push notifications. 

If a user didn’t interact with the app for between one and three weeks then notifications were automatically muted.

VANITY TABLE needed a solution that turned shop visitors into SMS subscribers in order to re-market to them with a mobile-first approach and encourage app downloads.

The Solution

To achieve its goals, VANITY TABLE enlisted the help of Recart. Together with its Customer Success Manager, three tactics led the way:

Welcome pop-up

Desktop and direct-to-text mobile opt-ins to grow the SMS subscriber list quickly and in a compliant manner

Welcome Flow

A multi-part sequence to greet new subscribers, drive sales immediately, and encourage app installs

Promotional campaigns

Stand-alone sends featuring exciting deals, new announcements, and (especially) holiday discounts

Website Pop-Up

The Recart team created a fully-responsive, mobile-optimized pop-up that reflected VANITY TABLE’s brand colors and style. The messaging was simple and to the point, with a promise of promotion alerts after subscription.

They utilized direct-to-text technology to maximize subscriber growth. This method lets visitors opt in using two simple clicks.

Click 1: Clicking the CTA takes subscribers to the Messages app on their phones with a pre-written message 
Click 2: They send the text

Welcome Flow

Once a customer opted-in, they received a series of automated welcome messages. The primary objective of this flow was to get people to download and use VANITY TABLE’s app.

The Welcome Flow consists of three SMS messages:

Opt-in text sent immediately
Thank-you message with a link to best sellers
Call-to-action SMS inviting subscribers to download the app

From Demo to Selling in Less Than 48 Hours

Find out how Recart can drive incremental revenue, acquire new customers, and increase your reorders + retention.

Schedule a 30-minute demo. If we’re the right fit, we’ll set-up everything — from pop-ups to automations to campaigns … even custom reporting and split tests.

Promotional Campaigns

VANITY TABLE started using Recart’s SMS marketing platform in November, just in time for Black Friday promotions. 

Take a closer look at its Black Friday campaigns:

The first MMS (on the left) clearly outlined the deals and included both a link to shop as well as an app download link
The follow-up campaign (on the right) was a text-only promotion to give customers one last chance to shop with urgency


VANITY TABLE achieved great results with its simple and to-the-point SMS marketing in just three months.
generated in sales
Nearly 20k
new SMS subscribers
opt-in rate to the pop-up
welcome message CRV
campaigns at +20X ROI

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