Discover 5 reasons why Recart will make your SMS more profitable
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Discover 5 reasons why Recart will make your SMS more profitable
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Discover 5 reasons why Recart will make your SMS more profitable
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Case Study

‘Knifestyle’ Brand Unlocks Nearly 10k New SMS Contacts + $346k from Its Welcome Flow

New SMS subscribers
SMS revenue
Welcome Flow

A Cut Above the Rest

Thecavemanstyle offers a collection of hand-forged indoor and outdoor kitchen knives. Each piece is unique and crafted to the highest quality for perfect balance, great control, and sharpness.

This specialty store has created a community of meat-crazy, BBQ loving, blade-wielding, cooks. A tribe of cooking, and its customers are all in.

“This is a sweet addition to my kitchen tool box. I recently started competing in cookoffs and this knife will be going with me to the next one for sure. Super sharp, well balanced, and easy to control. The fact that it comes with a leather cover is a bonus and it looks awesome too! Looking forward to getting a lot of use out of this blade!”
Joshua M.

The loyalty for thecavemanstyle is obvious immediately. It boasts over 36,000 customers, 2,600 reviews, and has an average rating of 4.9 stars.

Love for the brand combined with three text-marketing best practices led the way to huge subscriber growth and SMS success …

Hitting the Ground Running Armed With Three Tactics

Arriving at Recart through partner agency Budai Media, thecavemanstyle’s list of 3,000 meant it could jump straight in — setting up automations, sending campaigns, and launching popups to grow its list further.

Three tactics central to all ecommerce SMS programs guided it. But that didn’t mean thecavemanstyle simply applied them in a cookie-cutter manner. Instead, each one was sharpened to suit both its business needs and raving community.

1. Popups: Ready to Buy and Perfectly Incentivised

With great brand-love comes great responsibility.

Actually, with great-brand love comes great success from simple incentives.

In just nine months, thecavemanstyle grew its SMS subscriber list by 9,445 (262%) from 3,607 to 13,052 — all with 10% discount offer.

The Cavemanstyle SMS Subscriber List Growth

And that wasn’t all. Using a two step popup, it also gained over 21k email subscribers through mobile alone.

Direct-to-text Mobile SMS Subscriber Opt-In

Automations: An Outstanding Welcome Flow + Four More

Automations are thecavemanstyle’s bread and butter , generating $431k of the total $521k SMS revenue between April 2022 and December 2022.

thecavemanstyle SMS Revenue

To achieve this, it used five flows: Welcome, browse abandonment, abandoned cart, fulfillment notifications, and receipts.

The abandoned cart flow generated a respectable $21k in revenue but the real money maker was the welcome flow and, in particular, the very first text.

SMS Welcome Flow Text Messages
Why did the first text of the welcome flow bring in 60% of the SMS revenue?

When dealing with an engaged list and loyal audience, there’s one thing we can rely on — a formidable welcome flow with killer first text.

Why? This message is delivered immediately after opt-in. It contains the discount code and a discount-embedded “Restore Link” that takes the subscriber straight back to where they were browsing … with the discount automatically applied.

The journey is timely, seamless, and almost always outperforms all other automated texts.

Campaigns: Gifting Season Promotional Messages

When it comes to promotional campaigns, thecavemanstyle’s personality shines in the content. Although that doesn’t mean the messages aren’t tactical too.

Overall, their campaign ROI between April 2022 and December 2022 was 11X with $89k in sales. And because the brand’s products make for great gifts, the revenue shot up during the end of year sales.

thecavemanstyle SMS Revenue

To achieve these results, the store consistently applied four powerful strategies throughout the year.

First, it separates their VIPS. These top purchasers receive different messages and incentives crafted for retention.

thecavemansytle - Black Friday SMS Message Campaign

Second, it runs non-purchaser flash sales in order to re-engage cold subscribers.

thecavemansytle - Friday Flash Sale SMS Campaign

Third, it sends extended sales campaigns to smaller lists based on actions such as those who received the first text but didn’t place an order.

thecavemanstyle - Father's Day Sale, Father's Day Sale Extended Text Message

Lastly, it has fun with its holiday campaigns and offer additional incentives for special occasions like Black Friday. Plus, it consistently uses early access and follow up campaigns to efficiently capture high intent shoppers.

thecavemanstyle - Halloween Sale, Halloween Sale SMS Follow up

Result-Driven Knifestyle

Thecavemanstyle’s tribe of cooking plays a big role in the success of it’s SMS strategy. The store’s less than 1% opt out rate confirms this.

But an engaged audience isn’t all you need. Thecavemanstyle uses SMS efficiently through well planned automated flows, smart segmentation, and tactical sending.

Because of these, it has these results to be proud of:

thecavemanstyle SMS Revenue & Subscriber Growth