Discover 5 reasons why Recart will make your SMS more profitable
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Discover 5 reasons why Recart will make your SMS more profitable
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Discover 5 reasons why Recart will make your SMS more profitable
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Case Study

Cosmic Cell Foods: $234k SMS Sales & 6.7k Subscribers With an Incentive Focused Strategy

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Cosmic Cell Foods and Recart SMS

Cosmic Cell Foods helps people live a healthy lifestyle through the organic biochemical approach.

It uses “naturally electric,” alkaline plants that nourish people’s bodies. All 100% GMO and gelatin-free as well as100% organic.

The brand also runs the Cosmic Cell Academy that aims to educate its followers while promoting a longer, healthier life that’s free of disease. It has a strong social media following — using its platforms to spread awareness and information.

Owner + Founder, Cosmic Cell Foods
“Cosmic Cell is inspired by Dr. Sebi, a world renowned herbalist & healer. We talk about him a lot, share his teachings, and even have products approved by him.”

“His methods have healed or prevented a myriad of diseases and shaped a community of individuals passionate about sharing this message”
Cosmic Cell About Image

A Success-Charged Strategy for Naturally Electric Products

Cosmic Cell have a niche audience and understands them well. With frequent returning customers, outstanding loyalty, with a focus on retention — the store knew that offering big discounts would mean big success with SMS.

It used three tactics to accomplish great results …

Subscriber Growth: Mobile & Email First Desktop Popups

Between May 2022 and Jan 2023, Cosmic Cell grew both its SMS as well as email list significantly.

Its SMS subscribers went from 618 to 6,778; email increased by 1,207 with a 9.2% conversion rate.

SMS List Growth

The strategy was simple. Popups offered a healthy 15% off discount additionally the methods for mobile and desktop were split.

For SMS, direct-to-text popups meant that mobile browsers could easily opt-in to SMS with two quick clicks.

For desktop visitors, two step popups (which are more convenient for text input) asked for email first followed by phone numbers.

Direct-to-text Mobile SMS Subscriber Opt-InDirect-to-text Mobile SMS Subscriber Opt-In

Automated Flows: Two Welcome Flows + Abandoned Cart

Responsible for 82% of Cosmic Cell’s Automated revenue, the welcome flows generated $106,337 in SMS sales.

These were supported by a discount-offering abandoned cart flow (11% of automated revenue) and three other flows: browse abandonment, fulfillment, and receipt.

Cosmic Cell SMS cart abandonment flow

The welcome flows used were a single text checkout subscription and a four-message popup opt-in sequence …

SMS Welcome Flow Text MessagesCosmic Cell SMS welcome flow texts

Promotional Campaigns: Incentive-Driven Holidays & Sales

While list growth as well as automations are vital components to Cosmic Cell’s performance, the stars of this show are its large-incentive, promotional campaigns sent during peak times and seasonal holidays.

Cosmic Cell sends campaigns almost every day but have a low opt-out rate of only 0.2%. This shows that an interested audience combined with good content plus deals can set a brand up for strong results with text.

Overall, these campaigns generated $105,681 in SMS revenue. Almost the same as the automations. This is unusual for most brands as the average Automation to Campaign percentage split usually around 70:30 while Comic Cell is 61:49.

Cosmic Cell Automation and Campaign revenue

This one-off campaign offered a 50% sitewide sale that returned 56X with a CTR of 8.7% as well as over $2k in revenue.

Cosmic Cell 50% discount SMS campaign

Beyond single-send campaigns like the above, Cosmic Cell usually sends follow up texts. In fact, of its top ten campaigns for ROI performance … four were follow ups.

SMS Follow-Up Campaigns

This summer campaign serves as a template-worthy example,generating more than 3X revenue than the initial send.

Cosmic Cell - Summer SMS Campaign

Cosmic Cell took full advantage of Black Friday Cyber Monday, sending a total of eight campaigns and follow ups — earning $10,143 in SMS-attributed sales.

Cosmic Cell SMS Campaigns Black Friday Cyber Monday

A Balanced Strategy For Big Results

By using consistent discounts throughout popups, automations, plus promotional campaigns, Cosmic Cell was able to grab the attention of it’s subscribers and in just nine months, successfully …

Cosmic Cell SMS Revenue & Subscriber Growth