Discover 5 reasons why Recart will make your SMS more profitable
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Discover 5 reasons why Recart will make your SMS more profitable
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Discover 5 reasons why Recart will make your SMS more profitable
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Case Study

Her Juice Bar Generated $330K In Just 3 Months With SMS

Her Juice Bar is a wellness brand selling vitamins and supplements to help women all over the world. Its mission? To improve their vaginal health, sexual pleasure, and reproductive system.

Beyond selling high-quality products, Her Juice Bar strives to educate women of all ages on the importance of intimate care. Its main objective is to help customers enhance their intimacy and passion.
SMS subscribers
Revenue from SMS
ROI with a single campaign

The Challenge

After steady growth in its first year, the brand needed an effective way to reach new customers. 

Her Juice Bar used to rely exclusively on email marketing and social media, but that has come with some limitations and challenges.

With social media, it’s difficult to create personalized messages and offerings for such intimate products, and even more challenging to target the audience most likely to take action.

The Solution

Her Juice Bar was new to SMS marketing and needed to collect SMS subscribers quickly. 

With the help of the Recart Success Manager, it implemented a custom-made SMS marketing strategy to build an engaged first-party audience.

The strategy consisted of four primary tactics:

Welcome pop-up: Combined email and phone number capture to grow SMS subscribers list quickly.
Welcome flow: To greet subscribers and give them an opt-in journey they won’t forget with a three-part sequence.
Abandoned cart flow: To re-engage warm shoppers and seal the deal with timely and automated messages.
Promotional campaigns: Tactical campaigns to captivate customers with exciting deals, announcements, and holiday discounts.

Website Pop-Up

The first step was to use Her Juice Bar’s existing marketing channels to build its  SMS subscriber list. 

To enable this goal, Recart created a two-step website pop-up offering a 10% discount in exchange for an email address and a chance to upgrade to 15% off if they also subscribe to SMS.

Her Juice Bar also utilized direct-to-text technology to maximize subscriber growth. This method lets visitors opt-in using two simple clicks.

Click 1: The CTA opens the text app on their phones with a pre-written message 
Click 2: Send (that’s it)

Welcome Flow

The opt-in journey doesn’t end when you’ve got a new subscriber. Sending a multi-part Welcome Flow is a non-negotiable next step.

Her Juice Bar’s Customer Success Manager (CSM) created a three-message SMS Welcome Flow to boost engagement and the likelihood of conversions:

Immediate: SMS with a 15% discount code
After 24 hours: Reminder with an attractive image
After 72 hours: A second reminder to trigger buying

Each contained a conditional split to exclude anyone who made a purchase or had items in their cart onsite.

Abandoned Cart Automation

Next, the team set up an SMS abandoned cart flow sent one hour after the user left something behind.

Through automation, these messages were only sent to subscribers who hadn’t purchased in the last 30 days to ensure the campaigns were cost-effective.

From Demo to Selling in Less Than 48 Hours

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Promotional Campaigns

Holiday campaigns usually perform well and Her Juice Bar was no exception with 33X ROI for Halloween and a whopping 49X ROI for Black Friday.

The promotional messages were short, to the point, and reflected the brand’s style and tone. They spoke to their customers like friends, making the messages conversational, personal, and trustworthy.

To build trust further, the campaigns also included real customer testimonials.


Her Juice Bar reached more of its ideal customers, built a substantial SMS subscriber list, engaged its already loyal customers, and generated a great ROI and substantial SMS-attributed revenue. 
generated in sales
new SMS subscribers gained
generated with the welcome SMS flow
Up to 49X
ROI with one-off promotional SMS campaigns

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