5 SMS Marketing Strategies That Will Dramatically Boost Your Revenue Even Outside of BFMC
Could your business benefit from SMS Marketing? Have you tried, but weren't sure how to create a solid, consistent strategy? We took 5 of our top-performing Shopify merchants and analyzed their entire text marketing strategy and SMS flows during a quiet, 30-day period, outside of the Black Friday fever. These five brands come from different industries, sizes, backgrounds, and experiences so that you can definitely find (and copy) a strategy that suits your brand!
In This Guide You Can Learn:
How The Boss Palace Turns 15% Of Its Website Visitors Into SMS Subscribers
How Sleep Wrld Made Almost 30% Of Their Total Revenue in Just 30 Days
How Mamasezz Achieves 100x-150x ROI on Most of Its SMS Campaigns
How Lighthouse Kids Company Tripled Its SMS List in Just 30 Days
How Bella All Natural Converts 50% Of Its New SMS Subscribers Into Shoppers
What Wording and Flows They Used Exactly and How You Apply Their Strategies to Your Brand!
"All of them were able to lower their expenses thanks to Recart’s lower costs, transparent fees, and the campaign cost calculator shown before they’re about to send a new campaign, making it easy to adjust the content and logic of their text messages in time."
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