8 Outstanding SMS Campaign Strategies That You Can Copy This Month
Looking to improve your SMS campaigns without wasting money or annoying your customers? We analyzed the November results of 8 Shopify stores that achieved great success with Recart’s SMS campaigns (running 4-10 campaigns a month!), and in this guide, we’ve taken their best-performing campaigns into pieces, so that you can learn what made them great and how you can apply their strategies to your store this month!
In This Guide You Can Learn:
Why Sending Multiple SMS Campaigns During a Sales Period Will Help Your Brand
How to Reach Significantly Higher CTR With One-off Campaigns Than With Email Marketing
What Are the Best Marketing Strategies That You Should Apply to All Your Campaigns
What Wording and Layout They Used Exactly, So You Can Copy Them!
"When your email campaigns reach 2%, you’re probably satisfied: promotional emails rarely get a higher CTR than that. SMS campaigns are a different story. On average, our merchants reached 6.52% CTR. "
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