9 Lucrative Sponsored Messages
How leading Shopify brands spread cheer with personalization
Explore distinctive sponsored messages from real-life campaigns that drove insane revenue. Learn how you can personalize messages to make it more relevant for your customers and boost your revenue.
Inside this Sponsored Message guide you'll get:
Why Messenger marketing is an untapped revenue opportunity during the holidays
How sponsored messages boost your revenue
How top tier SMS, email integrations with Recart help you create multi-channel marketing flows with ease
How to create personally relevant, straightforward, and eye-catching campaigns that capture attention and drive action
How 9 DTC brands make more money using sponsored messages on the major ecommerce use cases
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See how to highlight your uniqueness
Creating a unique value proposition is just one thing you need to do - the other one is helping your customers understand your unique value proposition and spread the word about it. See how a Shopify Plus lifestyle brand did it!
How to drive insane revenue from product announcements
Launching a new product is as exciting as it gets in the ecommerce world, but more than ever, we need to give it the attention that it deserves. See what kind of visuals, copies excite customers, and how to highlight the unique selling point of your product to intrigue your customers.
See how to capitalize on life events and celebrations
Our birthday is the highlight of our year for many of us. Why not tap into this special occasion by sending an exclusive offer to people who are close to having their birthday? We all love being valued by our favorite brands.
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