Discover 5 reasons why Recart will make your SMS more profitable
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Discover 5 reasons why Recart will make your SMS more profitable
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Discover 5 reasons why Recart will make your SMS more profitable
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Case Study

BulkSupplements Acquired 85k Subscribers & Generated $853k from SMS

Located in Henderson, Nevada, is a health and wellness brand that supplies over 500 pure nutritional supplement ingredients to hundreds of thousands of consumers and manufacturers. 

The brand puts the wellness of its community at the heart of its business. 
SMS subscribers
Revenue from SMS
Revenue from Welcome Flow
ROI from their follow-up campaign
BulkSupplements Case Study

The Challenge

BulkSupplement’s Shopify store was generating 50% of its traffic from mobile devices so it was critical to find a mobile channel to engage its customers. 

It tested various mass communication marketing channels and ran ads to retarget mobile shoppers without much success. This left it searching for a new strategy that was a surefire way to reach its audience where they were the most active.

The Solution

BulkSupplements was new to SMS marketing and needed a solution to quickly convert mobile visitors to subscribers and engaged them immediately.

With the help of Recart’s Customer Success Manager (CSM), it implemented a custom-made SMS marketing strategy.

The plan consisted of four primary tactics:

Welcome pop-up: Direct-to-text mobile opt-in combined email and phone number capture to grow SMS subscribers list quickly.
Welcome Flow: To greet subscribers and give them an opt-in journey they wouldn’t forget or ignore with a three-part sequence.
Abandoned cart flow: To reengage warm shoppers and seal the deal with timely, automated messages.
Promotional campaigns: Tactical sends to captivate customers with exciting deals, announcements, and holiday discounts.

Website Pop-Up

To build its SMS subscribers, BulkSupplements and Recart replaced a two-form pop-up (top) — that displayed on both desktop and mobile — with separate two-step pop-ups (bottom).

After collecting email addresses on mobile, the second step contained what’s known as direct-to-text SMS capture:

Visitors click on the CTA button, which opens their phone’s text app with a preloaded message
Then, they simply click “Send”
BulkSupplements Old Pop-Up Versus New Pop-Up

Welcome Flow

To greet subscribers and give them an opt-in journey to remember, BulkSupplements sent a three-step Welcome Flow. 

Immediate: SMS with a 15% discount code
After 2 hours: Reminder with an attractive image
After 24 hours: A second reminder to trigger buying

To optimize spend and prevent sending too many texts, each contained a conditional split to exclude anyone who either made a purchase or had items in their cart onsite.

Abandoned Cart Flow

Recovering abandoned carts via SMS automation is one of the critical sales drivers for ecommerce brands — this was true for BulkSupplements. 

Recart assisted Bulksupplements in setting up an SMS abandoned cart recovery campaign, sending automated cart reminders with time-sensitive discounts on the cart total.

From Demo to Selling in Less Than 48 Hours

Find out how Recart can drive incremental revenue, acquire new customers, and increase your reorders + retention.

Schedule a 30-minute demo. If we’re the right fit, we’ll set-up everything — from pop-ups to automations to campaigns … even custom reporting and split tests.

Promotional Campaigns

SMS has proven to deliver great open rates on promotional campaigns. This makes it the best way to keep engagement and momentum high with sales-driven messages. 

The immediacy, relevance, and reliability of the channel helped Bulksupplements maximize its efforts when promoting sales, discounts, new launches, and other campaigns. 

Take a look at three of the top promotional campaigns.


From 0 subscribers to a massive list, great revenue, and an overall 44X ROI, BulkSupplements achieved great success from its newly implemented SMS marketing strategy.

In just four months and with Recart’s help, they achieved:
new subscribers
total revenue from SMS
from Welcome Flow
from abandoned cart flow
from promotional campaigns

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