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Summer Essentials: How Consumers are Preparing For Post-Pandemic Summer & What to Do to Make the Most out of This Summer

8 expert insights, tips and tactics for a hot sales summer

Vaccination rates are beginning to ease restrictions, but we’re still a ways away from going back to life BC (Before Corona). Consumer spending and needs are shifting once again as everyone adapts to a post-pandemic era.

As a result, even if consumers embrace a new sense of normality and a return to life ‘outside,’ most will avoid bigger gatherings and group events.

The difference? They’re not buying the same products they were in the last months and they’ll also be way more distracted. With skyrocketing retail imports this March - and big brands allocating big budgets to e-commerce - this summer won't be an easy ride.

Forget about constantly tweaking your marketing strategy. Eliminate the guesswork from your summer sales goals.

Spring forward this summer with these fast-activating tips to make the most of the season:

  • 6 Ready-to-use tips to drive engagement & increase revenue on mobile
  • 5 Tips to have the best summer yet with your customers
  • 4 Advertising best practices that every ecommerce brand should follow this summer
  • 3 tips to leverage cross-sells to drive additional revenue this season
  • 3 tips to use summer 2021 anticipation to drive increased engagement and sales
  • 3 ways to keep eCommerce sales hot this summer using reviews & UGC
  • 4 ‘Do it right now’ conversion optimization tips to spring forward to Summer
  • 5 simple tips for successfully implementing BOPIS this summer

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Post-Pandemic summer is here. Is your store ready?