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See how leading Shopify brands use Recart to cut through the noise
Boost Your Holiday Sales with Recart SMSBump
Which is better: SMS vs. Messenger? Hint: Both! With almost 100% of the text and Messenger messages being read, there's no doubt both are effective channels. Learn how to integrate SMS and Messenger in the customer journey and use them together to maximize your holiday revenue.
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Messenger Marketing Playbook
Are you ready to hit 7 figures in sales? Learn how to make Messenger marketing a top 3 revenue channel by leveraging our experience working with 13,000 leading brands. Capitalize on Messenger's 90%+ open and 25%+ click rates to drive a lot more revenue and see what are the Messenger campaigns that sell.
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9 Lucrative Sponsored Messages
Want to boost your revenue? Check these 9 lucrative sponsored messages sent by leading Shopify brands. Learn how to personalize messages to make it more relevant for your customers and boost your revenue.
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