BFCM 2020 Messenger Marketing Playbook
Get ready for Halloween, Black Friday and Cyber Monday with Messenger
This holiday season is expected to be the biggest one ever in ecommerce. Leverage Messenger’s 90%+ open and 25%+ click rates and drive more revenue during the high season. In this playbook, you’ll learn:
How Messenger marketing works
How to subscribe visitors to your Messenger list
What campaigns and automations can drive the most revenue
How you can send promotions to all subscribers
How to turn Facebook and Instagram ads into Messenger experiences
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These 3 guides walk you through how Messenger drives additional revenue to your store, the BFCM best practices, and other secret recipes that make your campaigns the most profitable.
BFCM 2020 Messenger
Marketing Playbook
BFCM Messenger
Best Practices
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BFCM Messenger
Marketing Checklist
3 ways how Recart helps growing your store
Boost your email and SMS lists with two tap subscription
Popups, subscription forms, and other growth tools are essential for success. Get insights into how our all-time favorite Welcome Popup gives you the highest subscription rate for mobile visitors.
Capitalize on your Facebook and Instagram audience
Recart Conversation Flows convert visitors into Messenger + email/SMS subscribers at a 90% conversion rate. Learn how to maximize your return on ad spend and how to turn Facebook Comments into a revenue generator source.
Automate messages for every step of the customer journey
Welcome flows, abandoned cart messages, discount abandonment follow-ups, receipts, shipping notifications are all built into Recart. Get insights on how Recart helps you engage, motivate customers to visit your store, and how it drives massive revenue to your store.
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