Better together: SMS and Messenger
Learn how to use them together to skyrocket your holiday revenue
With almost 100% of the text and Messenger messages being read, there's no doubt both are effective channels for marketers to cut through the noise and connect with their audience. Go beyond using platforms standalone and learn how to integrate SMS and Messenger in the customer journey and use them in parallel to maximize your holiday revenue.

In this guide you'll learn:
6 Santa-approved tricks and tips on how to craft winning SMS campaigns
How to collect more SMS and Messenger subscribers
How to integrate SMS and Messenger in the customer journey - and how to successfully use the two channels in tandem
The most effective mobile opt-in and welcome flows, remarketing, and post-purchase tactics that sell
How to measure success for both channels
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See how to use SMS as a go-to-channel this Christmas
SMS is not just personal, direct, and effective, but 75% of consumers prefer to receive updates from their favorite brands via SMS. Get 6 Santa-approved tricks and tips to craft your winning Christmas campaigns.
Learn how to drive incremental revenue via remarketing in Messenger
Messenger is not just two-way, real-time, but conversational too. With an average 85%+ open rate, 25% click rate of abandoned cart campaigns, and automatic reminders that are all built-in Recart, you can be guaranteed to recover more sales from abandoned carts.
Learn how to turn your one-time shoppers into year-round customers
Stand out from the competition and engage with your customers. Drive more sales by asking questions about their preferences and send tailored offers based on that information.
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