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19 Masterful Examples of Personalized Messaging Done Right
With a wealth of new competition, evolving channels, and an influx of new trends, finding new ways to attract, engage and connect with your audience is harder than ever. Learn how to cut through the noise, create personally relevant, straightforward, and eye-catching messages that drive the action, and boost your revenue. Steal ideas from nineteen DTC brands' strategies and spring forward to summer with winning marketing.
The most effective mobile-opt in tactics, incentives & welcome flows that maximize your reach & grow your subscriber lists
How to automate engagement with triggered messages, and what to do to keep the conversation going
13 examples that spark the engagement, keep the momentum high & drive insane sales
3 tips to become a Recart Master
1 ready-to-use, 'grab 'n go' checklist to make the most out of your campaigns
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See how to craft personalized, straightforward, and eye-catching messages that drive sales
With limited resources and ambitious goals, you constantly need to sell to grow. But there's so much you can do just crafting BOGO, flash sales messages all the time. Learn how to show up on a consistent basis with personalized, creative messages that spark customer engagement & future-proof your relationship. From freebies, birthday messages to product bundles!
See how to reassure your almost buyers to drive revenue
Social proof is powerful. 93% of shoppers hunt for reviews before they make a purchase, so instilling it into your welcome flows drives conversions and encourages customers to move through the funnel. See how Honeybunch generated a 30% CTR using social poof in their welcome flows.
Turn scrollers into Messenger + email & SMS subscribers at once
Everyone loves a good mystery. It builds excitement and drives curiosity, which can lead to 4x your usual conversion rates. While incentives are good at, uh, well, incentivizing people, throwing in a mystery offer takes it to another level. See how Gray label got 25k email addresses & 460k new revenue from a single flow.


Founder of Busy Baby Mat

“Consistently put out information, don’t just hit people with ‘here’s our sale, buy our stuff’,” says Beth, founder of Busy Baby Mat. “Instead, add some educational content, or some tips and tricks on how to use your product.”

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