Daniel Baltazhar
February 22, 2022

8 Best SMS Marketing Platforms for eCommerce in 2022 (And How to Choose)

Text marketing is no doubt one of the most effective ways for eCommerce businesses to reach their customers, and keep them engaged throughout their lifecycle. But to be able to leverage the potential of SMS marketing, businesses require a text marketing platform to stay consistent with their strategy.

Owing to the popularity of SMS marketing, there are a number of text marketing platforms offering their services to eCommerce businesses today. So in this lesson, we’re going to help you sift through the noise by listing down the best SMS marketing platforms.

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9 best SMS marketing platforms for ecommerce

The following list of SMS marketing platforms is listed on the basis of their reputation, target market and the use cases they solve.  

1. Best SMS marketing platform for eCommerce Shopify stores: Recart

We don't love to toot our own horn (or do we?) but we believe that Recart stands above the rest for eCommerce Shopify stores. Why? We’ll break it down for you.

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Recart also comes with built-in compliance and deliverability features, a great list of integrations, A/B testing features, along with two-way communication to enable businesses to get the most out of every text message communication. Explore Recart for SMS marketing here or take a look at our pricing.

SMS marketing Recart

2. Best SMS marketing platform for scale-ups with a team: Klaviyo

Klaviyo started out as an email marketing platform but went on to add text messages as a feature for businesses. It is best suited for scaleups with a marketing team that’s ready to set up and manage your SMS marketing. 

Klaviyo is a powerful platform with an extensive list of integrations but requires you, and your team, to have a good understanding of text message marketing as you’ll need to manage your account with little to no handholding or guidance.

The top features? We’d say the automated segmentation and good A/B testing capabilities.

3. Best SMS marketing platform for omni-channel campaigns: Omnisend

Omnisend is another marketing automation suite built for online businesses. This is a good choice if you’re looking to use SMS and email to create an omni-channel marketing strategy. We’d suggest Omnisend if you want to send SMS to many countries as its country list is quite extensive.  

This platform comes with pre-built workflows to tackle different consumer behavior across their buying journey that can be customized based on your objectives and goals. But it’s only best suited if you intend to use email and text, as only the top tier package offers SMS.

4. Best SMS marketing platform for a self-managed and comprehensive solution: Attentive

Attentive is a pretty good all-rounder, offering a comprehensive list of text message marketing features and tools. With useful workflows, templates and automation this platform covers a lot of use cases but it’s important to note that it’s exclusively a self-managed platform. While its team will offer guidance, it’s best to have a small marketing team ready or be prepared to handle the setup and management solo. 

Attentive doesn’t disclose its pricing upfront but as a guideline, its pricing is suited to scale-ups and larger businesses as certain fees, like carrier fees, aren’t included.

5. Best platform-agnostic SMS marketing platform: SMSBump

SMSBump is one of the most popular SMS marketing platforms in the Shopify ecosystem, although they are now slowly expanding to other eCommerce channels as well. 

They offer a good selection of text message marketing automation and tracking features to businesses on platforms like BigCommerce, WooCommerce and others. 

Its cheaper plans for growing brands are affordable but make sure to take a look at the feature list as the Enterprise plans to ensure you’re not missing out on important options.

6. Best SMS marketing platform for integrations: Postscript

Postscript was one of the first SMS tools available and therefore has some great experience under its belt. They also have an impressive list of clients and a loyal customer base. With an overall good range of features such as list building, automation, integrations, personalization and A/B testing, you’ll get what you need with Postscript. 

Our hesitation with this platform is the user experience. It’s a little difficult to set up and the platform doesn’t provide you with much guidance without reaching out to support. Its packages start at $0 subscription so you just pay for the number of messages you send, but the jump between packages is pretty significant so keep an eye on the feature differences as the packages scale.

7. Best SMS marketing platform for chatbot conversations: ManyChat

ManyChat is a popular name when it comes to chatbot builders. It offers multi-channel chatbot builders, which include those on SMS, Facebook, Instagram and other channels. Its SMS module comes with features like the ability to send coupons and discounts from the dashboard, sending 1:1 messages and collecting product reviews. 

The pricing is based on the number of contacts in your list and the features you want to leverage from the chatbot builder - a good choice should the focus of your SMS marketing be on 2-way conversations.

8. Best SMS marketing platform for complex workflows: ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign has a name in the industry for being one of the most powerful marketing automation suites, allowing you to set up email and SMS marketing campaigns. However, the platform requires you to set up complex workflows and integrations, making it ideal for businesses at an enterprise scale with an in-house team of developers.

Must-have features to look for in an eCommerce SMS marketing platform

Now that you’re aware of the options available to you, let’s look at a list of features you can use to evaluate the text marketing platforms you’re considering.

1. No-code automation builder

Most SMS marketing platforms come with a workflow builder but it’s the ease of use that you should be looking for. Ideally, a good SMS marketing platform offers a no-code automation builder that comes with pre-built and editable workflows for all important eCommerce campaigns. For instance, Recart’s SMS campaign builder offers a drag and drop editor making it easy to create custom journeys.

2. Personalization

For SMS marketing to be effective, you need personalization. This includes keeping in mind the smallest of nuances like the first name of a subscriber, their order number, location/ time zone they are in and other aspects. Look for a platform that lets you easily run personalization and segmentation across campaigns.

3. A/B testing

A/B testing is crucial because consumer trends and preferences are continually changing. Waiting too long for a campaign to end can result in lost opportunities and that’s where A/B testing comes in. This feature can help you run multiple variations of campaigns side-by-side, monitoring how each performs to double down on the strategy that is proven to work the best!

4. Customer segmentation

Personalization goes beyond the first name of a subscriber. For a business to be able to create contextual campaigns, it is important to keep their subscriber and customer list well-segmented based on their previous actions, purchases, point of subscription, campaign interaction, demographic and other parameters. Choose an SMS marketing platform that enables you to easily create customer segments.

Customer segmentation marketing

5. Easy integrations

While SMS marketing can work in silos, it is also important to make sure you are able to create omni-channel experiences for consumers. This means you need to be able to integrate the SMS marketing platform with other marketing tools like form builders, pop-ups, landing pages or even other marketing channels like Facebook Messenger, email, web push notifications and others.

6. Real-time analytics

The only way to make sure you’re making the most of SMS marketing is to keep a close watch on how campaigns perform. This includes looking at your deliverability, open rate, click-through rate, engagement rate, conversions and the sales you generate from various campaigns. Analytics as a feature helps you optimize your strategy to focus more on campaigns that your consumers respond to and are more likely to convert from.

SMS analytics dashboard

7. Scalability

When choosing an SMS marketing platform for your eCommerce business, remember to keep scalability in mind. This includes instances wherein your business is both growing or has slowed down. Your SMS marketing platform should be able to scale up/ down as per your needs, to give you more control over the resources you have to run text campaigns.

Getting started with the right SMS marketing platform

When you’re getting started with text marketing, you need to be able to set up all the important automation, workflows and manage the campaigns from one dashboard. That’s where text marketing platforms like Recart come in. 

Recart is a one-stop-shop solution for setting up targeted, highly engaging two-way message campaigns across the entire customer journey within minutes. It even integrates with popular marketing tools to help you create omni-channel campaigns and seamless customer experiences across all touchpoints. 

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SMS marketing platform FAQs

What is the best SMS marketing platform for eCommerce brands?

Recart is one of the best SMS marketing platforms for eCommerce brands. It comes with pre-built and customizable campaign automation as well as templates for every stage of a buyer’s journey with eCommerce businesses. It also has seamless integrations with other marketing tools like Facebook Messenger, email and more to help you create journeys through communication.

What are the most popular SMS marketing platforms?

Some of the most popular text marketing platforms include Recart, Klaviyo, SlickText, SMSBump, Twilio and others. The important thing here is to take note of the features of each of the SMS marketing platforms, especially the automation, analytics, templates and support they offer in setting up as well as optimizing text message campaigns.

How much are SMS marketing platforms?

The cost of an SMS marketing platform may vary depending on the text message charges in the demographic you’re catering to. It may also include the cost of automation, templates and other features that the text marketing platform offers. Remember to always get a clear breakdown of all the pricing models of the platform before getting started.

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