Facebook Ads Scaling Strategies & Mindsets
In this webinar Matt from SalesGenomics reveals his lessons from spending over $10m on ads in 2019 and 2020. He shares:
  • How to structure your Facebook ads account: campaign, ad sets, and ads to test fast, scale fast, maximize ROAS and profit
  • How to properly test ad creatives to get fast & reliable results
  • How to use CBO (Campaign Budget Optimisation) properly
  • Why laser targeted audiences can kill your ads
  • How you account structure should evolve as you spend more money
  • Some common structure mistakes that can kill your ROAS and make you unable to scale & how to solve them
  • HYBRID SCALING FUNNEL CAMPAIGN structure that gives you the most stable performance, maximizes ROAS and allows you to scale your ads fast
  • A crucial set of mindset shifts that separate the Top 1% media buyers from the rest
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