Get Ready for a Successful Black Friday
Breaking through the ecommerce noise around BFCM is tough. So we created an SMS guide packed with full chock of actionable ideas to help you stand out in the crowd with your SMS marketing strategy. We've also broken down the strategy to three phases, with examples on creative sales ideas, distinguishing yourself with a unique voice. We also dig into tactics that drive holiday sales.
In this guide you'll know:
Before BFCM
What are the essentials you should prepare beforehand
Value-additions that drive sales
Pre-BFCM campaigns that just work
During BFCM
The "must haves" in your launch day strategy
Best practices & mistakes you should avoid during BFCM
After BFCM
Actionable tactics to say goodbye to the post-BFCM blues & to engage shoppers to increase retention
“The trick to SMS marketing during BFCM - start early, stay consistent during, and after.
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