October 7-8, 2021 • 13pm - 15 pm EST
Sell faster this BFCM 2021
With so much to get done during Black Friday Cyber Monday, it’s tough to keep your to-do list straight. Enjoy these exclusive freebies that fast-track your way into a quarter of breaking records.
Get 90 days free of Okendo on the Growth plan and above. Sign up before October 31st to unlock this offer.
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BFCM is a holiday after all so get yourself some little heartfelt gifts from us.
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Tell us a little about yourself and we'll connect you with a Gorgias expert who can share more about the product and answer any questions you have.
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Want us to deploy a 100% automated messenger sequence for BFCM that generates sales while you sleep? Let the Recart growth team audit your store, build a personalized 'Done For You' BFCM plan for you, and fast-track your way to a quarter of breaking records.
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Deep dive into your performance marketing with actionable insights and a roadmap to scale your brand! We'll provide you a detailed report on what is working, opportunities you can take advantage of, and areas you need immediate attention.
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Hawke Media is happy to provide a free consultation with one of our top growth experts where you can learn more about how to boost your business, sales, SEO, and more!
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BFCM Holiday Summit attendees will receive $500 off any individual Snow Agency service when signed up for by Black Friday! Attendees will receive an extra $500 off if studio services are also included!
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Sign up for any monthly marketing service by Black Friday and get a $250 Amazon gift card.
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