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What is Recart?
Here at Recart, we help merchants provide a smooth user journey for their customers on Facebook Messenger with multiple customizable and personalized campaigns. We have something for every step of the way: from subscription tools to photo review requests.

Since the official launch in May 2016 we have obtained over 5,000 paying customers, generated more than $120,000,000 in extra sales for our clients, and gained more than $2,300,000 in annual recurring revenue.
What is the Recart team like?
Our most important value by far is TRANSPARENCY. We communicate clean and clear and stay away from assumptions. It's a tool that helps everyone to work together and what builds TRUST. The regular CEO-FREE-TO-TALK sessions are also one of the manifestations of this: every question gets an answer. REGULAR 1-ON-1 meetings give us a chance to share constructive and honest feedback that helps us grow and BLAMELESS CULTURE is our way of doing retrospectives. We value OWNERSHIP and hold ourselves accountable. We believe that improvement is not about getting a new job title, but being more HAPPY with your work-life balance and becoming more productive while owning more responsibilities.
Perks and Benefits
Flexible working hours
Not a morning person? No problem! Choose the working schedule that works best for you.
Unlimited vacation
Quality work needs quality time off. We encourage our employees to take a break when needed.  
Stock options / Equity
Any employee can be a stockowner. 
Private health insurance
Mental and physical health come first, and we got you covered. 
Learning & Development
We'll happily support you in going to conferences and taking courses. Also, we have a growing library.  
Technology / Gear
Get a laptop and other tech accessories to satisfy your needs. 
Dog friendly
If you have a furry friend who likes being in the office - bring them along (we like them being in the office too). 
Office extras
Massage, good coffee, games, and snacks. And if you need anything specific - our office team is open to suggestions! 
Awesome retreats
We like spending time together: team trips to other cities, hikes, and quiz nights. 
Open positions
Budapest, Hungary
Budapest, Hungary
Budapest, Hungary