Join Recart as a Backend Engineer

What’s the opportunity?

We’re looking for an engineer to join us as a Backend Engineer. We are excited about the latest technologies, run experiments to test possible new solutions and keep our tech stack up-to-date. We have a distributed system with 100+ microservices and face pretty exciting scaling and architectural challenges, so you’ll definitely get interesting insights and useful experience.

Team and Culture

At Recart we believe in transparency and ownership. Every Recart employee owns equity in the company and that deserves transparency, you should know what you own part of. What does this mean in everyday life? Management communication channels are open for everyone, our thorough weekly and monthly updates provide in-depth information about what's going on at every part of the company; our runway, sales and marketing strategy, customer headlines, revenue, and so on. Salaries and equities are also transparent, while we try to give all the relevant context to our high-level decisions. We believe in blameless culture, where we aim to learn from our mistakes together, as we are a scale-up disrupting the messaging marketing world, there are dozens of challenges ahead of us that were never solved before and thus we accept that the first solutions will not always be our best.

What will I do?
  • Architect and build our back-end systems in Node.js and in Go: approximately 70% of our services are written in Node.js and the remaining 30% – in Go
  • Participate in design & architecture discussions
  • Influence the direction of Recart, help set strategic goals regarding the infrastructure and architecture of the system
  • Get involved in scaling of the engineering team and shape our processes
  • Help the product development team by providing insights into the possible tech solutions, their implications and the required effort
What skills do I need?
  • Vast experience in software craftsmanship
  • Relevant experience in developing feature-heavy applications with any modern programming language
  • Desire to learn Node.js and Go
  • Conducting code reviews and helping other team members
  • Ability to communicate clearly with colleagues and partners
  • Ability to express yourself in English both in writing and speaking
Our values
  • We are transparent: We communicate clean and clear and stay away from assumptions. You will always know what's going on within the company. The regular CEO free-to-talk sessions are also one of the manifestations of transparency: every question gets an answer.
  • We are customer-centric: Our most important investors are our customers. We go above and beyond to serve them, understand their problems, their feedbacks, and based on the learnings, we continuously improve Recart.
  • We work hard but stay human: We're ambitious people who are building something great... but still people. We treat each other with dignity and empathy.
  • We are bullish on our big goals and flexible on the details.
  • We win and grow together. We support and encourage each other. We continuously seek opportunities for personal and professional growth.

*Experience with TypeScript, NodeJS, or Golang is great but not necessary, you can learn them at Recart*