Join Recart as a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

You’re a few steps away from unlocking thousands of dollars in additional revenue for your clients.
What’s the opportunity?

We’re looking for an experienced Cloud Infrastructure Engineer to join our Platform team. We are excited about the latest technologies, run experiments to test possible new solutions, and keep our tech stack up-to-date. We have a distributed system with 80+ microservices and face pretty exciting scaling and architecture challenges, so you’ll definitely get interesting insights and useful experience. With an agile mindset and keen on research, we aim to respond to market changes as quickly as we can.

Team and Culture

At Recart we believe in transparency and ownership. Every Recart employee owns equity in the company and that deserves transparency, you should know what you own part of. What does this mean in everyday life? Management communication channels are open for everyone, our thorough weekly and monthly updates provide in-depth information about what's going on at every part of the company; our runway, sales and marketing strategy, customer headlines, revenue, and so on. Salaries and equities are also transparent, while we try to give all the relevant context to our high-level decisions. We believe in blameless culture, where we aim to learn from our mistakes together, as we are a scale-up disrupting the messaging marketing world, there are dozens of challenges ahead of us that were never solved before and thus we accept that the first solutions will not always be our best.

How does our infra look like?
  • Auto-scaling distributed system with 80+ microservices
  • Running on AWS spot instances with Amazon EKS
  • Docker, Terraform, Ansible, automated CI/CD pipeline
  • We use DataDog for alerting and monitoring, for some part of our product we also use Sentry for similar purposes
  • Most of our production back-end services are written in NodeJS but we also use Go
  • We use a combination of MongoDB, DynamoDB, ElasticSearch and Redis
What will I do?
  • Design, build and operate our highly-available infrastructure
  • Constantly improve our deployment pipelines
  • Get your hands dirty with everything that might revolve around the tech stack of Recart: from TCPdump to writing a new object-based caching solution
  • Participate in architecture discussions and decisions
What skills do I need?
  • A solid understanding of the Linux ecosystem
  • Experience with Kubernetes is a must
  • Strong scripting skills
  • Experience with distributed systems
  • Strong knowledge of computer networks
  • The ability to express yourself in English both in writing and speaking