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Join Recart as a Software Engineering Team Lead
What’s the opportunity?

We are looking for a Team Lead to join a handful of stellar engineers in our Tracking & Messaging team. Besides everything that is related to handling subscriptions, tracking processes after a purchase, this team is also responsible for the entire delivery of messages, on variety of messaging platforms, to customers of more than 2500 webshops all over the globe.

Nowadays it is quite challenging to differentiate between team lead, engineering manager, tech lead and other titles, because their meaning really varies by company. We are looking for a player-coach here, a senior engineer who can coordinate a small team and make engineers grow and get better at what they do. A team lead at Recart is a senior engineer, whose responsibility spans a bit further than the code itself.

What will I do?
  • most importantly you will make decisions, regarding the delivery of certain features, planning its process and resource manage it
  • sometimes you will code, maybe it's just a small fix or a bigger involvement in our next big feature
  • you will help our engineers grow, both personally and professionally
  • make sure that projects are planned properly and people have the relevant context to deliver
  • report to and work together with our CTO
  • help the team to continuously reduce tech debt
  • deliver projects on time (sometimes you won't and that is okay, just make sure to handle it properly)
  • conduct 1:1s, weekly plannings, tech meetings, quarterly squad health checks and ceremonies you think are useful
What skills do I need?
  • you are a senior engineer who likes to solve tough engineering problems
  • you have the ability to help engineers be better at what they do
  • thinking outside the box (probably one of the most overlooked skillset, but we are looking for someone who is not tied to certain methodologies, but can solve a problem in the most effective way)
  • it is great if you know JavaScript and/or Go, but these are just tools that we use on a daily basis, we are not looking for a domain knowledge superhero
  • be open to transparency, we have an outstandingly high level of that and our culture is built upon it
  • you have a proven track record of successfully leading software teams
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