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Join Recart as a Infrastructure Engineer
Hello there 👋,

As we are continuously growing, the organization has to adapt to changes. Currently, we have one full-time engineer working in the platform team making our infrastructure more efficient, but as our product is growing it demands more and more engineering resources. First, we were looking for senior engineers as our infra stack has a lot to offer, but we decided to be open for people who are on a mid-level experience as one can pick up a lot of knowledge here as well, meanwhile helping Peter (our awesome Infrastructure Engineer) in crafting our infrastructure.
What’s the opportunity?
We’re looking for an experienced Infrastructure Engineer to join our Platform team. We are excited about the latest technologies, run experiments to test possible new solutions, and keep our tech stack up-to-date. We have a distributed system with 80+ microservices and face pretty exciting scaling and architecture challenges, so you’ll definitely get interesting insights and useful experience.

With an agile mindset and keen on research, we aim to respond to market changes as quickly as we can.
How does our infra look like?
  • Auto-scaling distributed system with 80+ microservices
  • Running on AWS spot instances with Amazon EKS
  • Docker, Terraform, automated CI/CD pipeline (CodeShip, Spinakker)
  • Most of our production back-end services are written in NodeJS but we also use Go
  • We use a combination of MongoDB, DynamoDB, ElasticSearch and Redis
What will I do?
  • Design, build and operate our highly-available infrastructure
  • Constantly improve our deployment pipelines
  • Get your hands dirty with everything that might revolve around the tech stack of Recart: from TCPdump to writing a new object-based caching solution
  • Participate in architecture discussions and decisions
  • Finetuning our alerting, monitoring and tracing systems (Datadog)
What skills do I need?
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