Reinvent your SMS Marketing to Boost ROI like Bella All Natural

The Bella All Natural supplements brand used SMS marketing before joining Recart but were not seeing the ROI they needed to justify using the channel. With Recart, they boosted their ROI in their first month, achieving up to 20X ROI in just 30 days and 120X ROI with a follow up campaign.

Take a look at these results and download this case study for more tips that you can use to achieve this level of success with SMS marketing.
SMS subscribers
CTR for the SMS welcome flow
ROI for their once-off SMS campaigns
ROI for a follow up campaign
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The Challenge
While Bella All Natural had already achieved success with SMS marketing, the platform they were using ended up being too expensive and were resulting in a poor ROI. The brand needed a solution that was cost-effective and offered a smooth transition between tools.

Recart’s dedicated account manager made the switch easy and gave Bella All Natural’s SMS marketing strategy a complete makeover.
The Solution
Subscriber collection: To maximize the number of visitors signing up, Recart ensured the form clearly highlighted the incentive and made it visible on every page on their Shopify site, resulting in 88k new SMS subscribers.
SMS welcome flow: Delivered the discount code and a link to navigate back to the store, encouraging an immediate purchase, resulting in 50.2% CTR.
Abandoned Cart flow: This flow sent an SMS reminder with a 10% off coupon code 60 minutes after a customer left their cart without purchasing, generating ad additional 12.9% CTR.
Once-off campaigns: Consistent and unique individual campaigns were also set up. Of these, the Black Friday campaign resulted in 20X ROI, and over 10 of the campaigns achieved 15X ROI or higher.
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