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Reinvent Your SMS Marketing to Boost ROI Like Bella All Natural

Founded in 2014, Daisy Cabral first opened her wellness and beauty brand as a storefront in Los Angeles.

Today, her business spans the offline-to-online divide: Three physical locations, an ecommerce site, and a mobile application. The brand itself boasts over half a million social media followers — to say nothing of Daisy’s own influencer-level fan base.
SMS subscribers
CTR for its Welcome Flow
Average ROI for SMS campaigns
ROI from a follow-up campaign
Bella All Natural Case Study

The Challenge

Before joining Recart in October of last year, Bella All Natural had used SMS marketing but wasn’t seeing the ROI it needed to justify the channel.

With the biggest retail holiday of the year fast approaching, the brand needed a quick solution to not only retain and bring back existing customers but also to accelerate new-customer acquisition.

The Solution

With the help of a dedicated Customer Success Manager, Recart gave Bella’s SMS strategy a complete makeover centered on five tactics:

Website pop-up: Two-tap mobile opt-in and email + phone number capture to grow its subscriber lists.
Welcome Flow: To greet subscribers and give them an opt-in journey they won’t forget with a multi-part, 3-5 message flow.
Abandoned cart: To reengage warm shoppers and seal the deal with timely and automated abandonment sequences.
Promotional campaigns: Tactical sends to drive sales through special offers and holiday incentives.
Follow-up campaigns: A little nudge to remind audiences of a promotional deal they haven’t taken advantage of yet.

Website Pop-Up

To capture SMS subscribers, the Recart team created incentive-driven website pop-ups that were:

Mobile-friendly two-tap
On-brand and visually appealing
Easy to understand with a clear CTA

The pop-up was made visible on every page of Bella’s Shopify site to maximize the number of visitors signing up.

Welcome Flow

A successful subscription is followed by an immediate Welcome Flow to greet the customer, deliver the discount code, and provide a link to navigate back to the store.

Keeping the message short ensured the SMS didn’t exceed character limits and therefore kept the cost low and the budget optimized.

Abandoned Cart Automation

As Bella’s list steadily expanded, SMS automations were set up to capture cart abandoners.   

This automation sent a text message offering 10% off 60 minutes after a cart was abandoned. 

Simple yet powerful, the goal isn’t to merely re-engage your warmest shoppers … but to seal the deal.

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Promotional Campaigns

An integral part of any strategy are one-time messages. These messages are usually tactical and the audience segments are carefully selected.

A great example was this Black Friday offer sent a day before Black Friday, which generated 24% of the total revenue of all November SMS campaigns. 

Bella sent the campaign to all its subscribers and enhanced the experience with a colorful image containing the discount and coupon code.

Follow Up Campaigns

With a large subscriber base and the goal to engage often, it was critical to implement a cost-effective yet high-engagement outreach plan. 

The strategy included frequent follow-up campaigns to support Bella’s promotional calendar. 

These follow-up messages were sent to several, carefully chosen segments of the greater audience. With the most successful of these segments being subscribers who clicked on campaigns but didn’t purchase.

Bella and Recart have seen incredible value delivered with this tactic. For example, this follow-up campaign produced a 23.7% click-through rate and 120X ROI.


Bella All Natural saw great success from its newly implemented SMS strategy. With Recart’s help, it achieved:
new subscribers
Welcome Flow CTR
abandoned cart flow CTR
for its Black Friday campaign
on over 10 campaigns
120X ROI
with a follow-up campaign
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